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  • John Turner RIP

    Today the former Prime Minister of Canada, John Turner, died st age 91.

    His obituary says that in 1948 he held the Canadian record in the 100 meters (presumably running, but for all I know, swimming) but an injury kept him off the team for the London Olympics.

    More details, anyone?

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    Screen Shot 2020-09-19 at 8.02.06 PM.png

    From the July 3 edition of The Province newspaper in Vancouver, B.C.


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      This obit has a little more detail about his sprinting:


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        Originally posted by tandfman View Post
        This obit has a little more detail about his sprinting:


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          From the obit: "While studying political science, economics and English at the University of British Columbia, Turner was also a star sprinter. In 1947 he captured a national record when he ran the 100-yard dash in 9.8 seconds. The following year he qualified for the London Olympics, but a bad knee prevented him from competing."

          Here's a 2012 story about Turner in "Canadian Running" (

          I think it's incorrect to say he "qualified" for the 1948 Olympic Games. He qualified for the Canadian Olympic Trials and withdrew because of a knee injury suffered in an auto accident. It is possible he was selected for the team despite the injury and not competing in the COT, but that doesn't seem likely.

          As for the NR at 9.8, here is a quick Canadian 100y all-time list I can create prior to 1949:

          9.5, Lee Orr, 1938
          9.5, Pat Haley, 1941
          9.6A, Cyril Coaffee, 1922 (run at Canadian national champs, so hard to believe it wouldn't have been ratified!)
          9.6, Leigh Miller, 1928
          9.6, Percy Williams, 1929, 1930, 1932 (multiple races at 9.6 in '32)
          9.7, George Hester, 1926, 1928
          9.7, Ted Haggis, 1948

          There may be more Canadians with legal marks better than 9.8, but that would take some digging.

          As for Turner's claim to have run his best race in 1948 in Mel Patton's 100y WR 9.3, it didn't happen.
          Results: Patton (USC) 9.3; 2. Lloyd LaBeach one foot back; 3. Bob Heck (Pacific); 4. Bob Abercrombie (Fresno St frosh); 5. Younger (Fresno St frosh); Cliff Bourland (LAAC) and Roland Maples (Cal) withdrew.
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            Lee Orr
            A great sprinter at Washington State University
            Canadian by birth but grew up in Washington
            Met him in early 1970s when I was at WSU.

            Fascinating article on Orr



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              Pat Haley was also Washington State


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                Very interesting article on Lee Orr. How frustrating to be in the Olympic 200 final (lane six) and not be able to hear the starter very well. Sounds like a sprinters nightmare.