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  • A Sieg L

    Happy birthday today (Friday) to an Olympic champion who was born 109 years ago today, won Olympic bronze and gold medals in the same event, and died at the age of 93.

    This birthday champion won that Olympic gold medal approximately 263 miles (424 km) from the spot where this athlete was born.

    You may already know that this person competed in three different events at two Olympics.

    Unscramble the six letters in our title to reveal a historical clue.

    Of course the hurdles have nothing to do with this person's Olympic events.

    Our birthday athlete was the first to do something in Olympic history.

    Can you name this Olympic champion?

    Go to it.

  • #2
    The anagram appears to be Gisela so I am guessing Gisela. Mauermeyer.


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      Excellent guess, noone, however it's not Mauermeyer and you couldn't get much closer. Our birthday athlete had a "famous" daughter name Gisela. I can tell you that our birthday individual was a teammate of Mauermeyer in Berlin. Mauermeyer won the Olympic gold medal in the discus two days after our birthday athlete won the Olympic gold medal in Germany.


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        Unfortunately I don't know. German won most of the throws in Berlin. Gerhard Stock competed in at least two events, but we noted his birthday not long ago.


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          Tilly Fleischer?


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            Tilly Fleischer was born 109 years ago yesterday (Friday). Very well done, LopenUupunut. Fleischer won the women's javelin in Berlin (1936). She already had an Olympic bronze medal in the javelin from Los Angeles (1932). Fleischer was the first German woman to win an Olympic gold medal. You might know that she ran the third leg on the German four by 100 relay at the 1932 Los Angeles Olympics. That German team took sixth place. She was also fourth place in the women's discus in Los Angeles. Her daughter (Gisela) was reported to be the daughter of Adolf Hitler. It might be more correct to say "rumored" to be the daughter of Hitler. Tilly Fleischer died 15 years ago at the age of 93.