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Olympic Games Inspires Kindness


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  • Olympic Games Inspires Kindness

    Happy birthday today (Monday) to two Olympic champions with a total of 150 years since their births.

    Both of these athletes finished in the same position in the same event at the Olympic Games some 36 years apart.

    One of our birthday people was 42 when the other was born and one of our athletes was born four days after Jimmy E. Carter.

    No hurdles were involved in any of the five different events these two champions competed in at the Olympic Games.

    Our birthday athletes won a total of two Olympic gold medals and one Olympic silver medal.

    The approximate distance between the two places of birth for our two athletes is 559 miles (899 km).

    You probably know that both athletes each competed in three Olympic Games and both athletes competed in the same event at those six Olympic Games.

    Born 54 years ago today, this individual won a World Championship gold medal as well as a World Indoor gold medal.

    Of the seven continents, the only three where these two champions did not compete during the Olympic Games were Africa, Antarctica, and South America.

    Interesting to note that the older athlete was born on a Sunday 96 years ago today and died on a Sunday 22 days after turning 89 years old.

    Did I tell you that one of our birthday athletes married a poet?

    Time to name both of these Olympic champions on this first Monday of October.

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    I.K. might be Ingrid Kristianssen, but I don't know any O.G to couple with her.


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      ...moreover, she is much older than 54 and never won Olympic gold (just checked)...


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        I was thinking of Inessa Kravets, but can't think of an OG person.


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          Happy 54th birthday today to Inessa Kravets. Good work, tandfman. Kravets was tenth place in the 1988 Seoul Olympic long jump. She took the Olympic silver medal in the long jump in Barcelona (1992). In 1996 (Atlanta), she didn't make the long jump final, but did win the Olympic gold medal in the triple jump. I couldn't have had better seats for the triple jump at the 1995 World Championships in Gothenburg, Sweden when Kravets broke the world record by clearing 15.50 (50' 10 1/4"). My wife and I were sitting right next to the long jump/triple jump pit. Those triple jump world records (men & women) are now 25 years old!


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            Olga Gyarmati


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              Olga Gyarmati is correct. Good job, bambam1729. Gyarmati was born 96 years ago today. She died almost seven years ago in Massachusetts. Olga won the very first women's Olympic long jump gold medal in London (1948). She also competed in the London Olympic high jump, but did not place in the top 12.

              In Helsinki (1952) she ran the 200, but did not make the Olympic final. She also ran on the Hungarian four by 100 relay team in Helsinki, but that team did not make the Olympic final. Olga was tenth place in the Helsinki long jump. Remember that Inessa Kravets was tenth place in the 1988 Seoul Olympic women's long jump.

              Olga Gyarmati competed in her last Olympic Games in Melbourne (1956). Her only event in Australia was the long jump where she placed 11th in the final.

              Of course you know what happened to Hungary in 1956. Olga left Hungary and moved to Great Britain and later the United States where she lived until her death in October of 2013.

              Thank you tandfman and bambam1729.


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                In a nation of 300 million citizens, how many of them outside of bambam could have answered this question correctly ?


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                  Dukehjsteve, you should keep in mind that this board is not just for USA. So more accurately you should ask how many out of 9 billion humans..


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                    Originally posted by noone View Post
                    Dukehjsteve, you should keep in mind that this board is not just for USA. So more accurately you should ask how many out of 9 billion humans..
                    Actually 8.8 billion currently


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                      There are some pretty smart cookies out there.