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  • Lloyd

    Happy birthday today (Saturday) to an Olympic champion who won that gold medal approximately 1,553 miles (2,500 km) from this person's place of birth.

    Our birthday athlete competed in two Olympic Games and won medals at both Games, but did not compete in the Olympic hurdles.

    Some of you might already know that this champion won the Olympic gold medal the day before turning 22 years old.

    Most of you probably do not know that I defeated this birthday champion in competition while both of us were in college.

    This birthday athlete and I did not attend the same school, however I was born about five weeks before our birthday individual.

    Who is this champion with a 74th birthday on this third Saturday in October?

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    Hmm, an American male who won in Mexico, it seems. It might be Bob Seagren, since he won the silver in Munich.


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      Happy 74th birthday today to Bob Lloyd Seagren. Very good, Olli. Most of you know that Seagren won the Mexico City (1968) pole vault and he took the silver medal in Munich (1972).

      My small college hosted an invitational cross country meet every September and many schools ran there, including USC. Bob Seagren ran cross country to get into shape for track & field (he also ran the 400 hurdles). At this invitational cross country meet, I managed to finish ahead of Bob Seagren. Sorry this story wasn't more exciting than a cross country meet, but what did you expect? He was a world-class athlete and was probably jogging the race.

      Happy birthday Bob Seagren.


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        I thought perhaps you had beaten him in pole vault in a same way than one my friends' father had beaten Erkki Kataja, the Olympic silver medalist from 1948. After the Olympics they arranged a meet somewhere in Finland with Kataja being the main star and with some kind of special prize to be given to the winner of pole vault. Kataja didn't get result at all, and my friend's father (who hardly even cleared 4m, and who is more famous as a choir conductor) got the special prize and could brag beating the Olympic medalist.


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          and I once beat Seb Coe....


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            That would have been tough for me, Olli. I could high jump higher than I could pole vault.


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              I beat Henry Rono once. He ran the Boston Marathon and finished about 14 seconds behind me. I also beat Grete Waitz at a local 5K that she was also running. She was well past her prime and was just jogging it for charity.


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                This birthday quiz for Bob Seagren could turn into something pretty interesting.........."What famous person did you beat?" So far, we have Bob Seagren, Erkki Kataja, Seb Coe, and Henry Rono.

                Allow me to add a couple more "names". I beat Peter Snell back in the 1970's (I may have already told this story) in San Francisco. It was a 10K (or close to it) that started in Marin County, crossed the Golden Gate Bridge, and finished in San Francisco and was run for charity. Snell was in graduate school in Texas and came to promote the race/charity. I would guess he was about 38 years old then. Obviously he wasn't in great shape and pretty much jogged the distance. I passed him on the Golden Gate Bridge and welcomed him to San Francisco.

                The other "name" does not fit the category "What famous person did you beat?" I'll tell the story anyway. I ran my first marathon in Southern California in 1965. I went out way too fast for the first 13 miles (out and back course). In the final mile I was passed by Bruce Dern (actor) and he beat me by a few seconds. I didn't know who Bruce Dern was then and probably never ran against him again.