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    November's "Big Event" actually happened 85 years ago today and I don't really expect many people to know this one, but we'll give it a try. I can tell you that this "Big Event" did not happen in North America, Europe, or Australia. Our "Big Event" for November was a world record by an athlete who went on to win an Olympic gold medal in Europe about nine months after this world record. You can see two different names for this athlete and most of you probably know why. No hurdles were involved in this event.

    Can you name the event? How about the city where this record was set (it's been in the news a lot lately)? Do you know the athlete's name? Extra credit if you can give the actual performance.

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    This might the Korean marathon runner who had to represent Japan in 1936 and who carried the Olympic torch in Seoul stadium in 1988. I think his Japanized name was Kitei Son (at least approximately).

    I don't know anything about the WR, but probably it was run in Asia. Tokyo?

    How about the event? Did they have official marathon world records in 1935? Not as far as I know. Perhaps a more exotic event...


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      Very good, Olli. Sohn Kee Chung ran the marathon in Tokyo on this day in 1935 in 2:26:42.0 for a world "record" or world best. He was Korean and was forced to represent Japan as Kitei Son. You're right about the Olympic torch in Seoul (1988). He was 74 years old at the 1988 Olympics. Well done.


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        Hey, it is Kitei Son, at Olympic Games in Tokyo, when he set a new World Record in ran marathon.