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Olympic Medals Go Straight To Memory


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  • Olympic Medals Go Straight To Memory

    Happy birthday today (Saturday) to three Olympic champions with a total of 215 years since their births.

    Our birthday champions competed in a total of seven Olympic Games and won a total of four Olympic gold medals.

    I will call these three athletes "A", "B", and "C".

    "B" was four years old when "C" was born.

    None of these three champions were born in the same country.

    No hurdles were involved in their Olympic events.

    Two of these individuals won Olympic bronze medals.

    "A" would have been 84 years old when "B" was born, however "A" died at the age of 65.

    "C" and "B" competed at the same Olympic Games.

    One of our birthday athletes was a real estate broker and competed in two Olympic Games (both in Europe).

    Twenty-nine days after Sputnik was launched, "A" died.

    You might already know that one of these three people turns 41 today.

    The youngest of our three birthday athletes competed in three Olympic Games and set a world record in winning the World Championships.

    Only one of our birthday champions was born and died on a Saturday while the other two are still alive.

    These three people did not compete in the same events at the Olympic Games.

    Somebody out there knows who these three Olympians are.

    Please name all three Olympic champions with birthdays on this second Saturday of November.

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    I'll start off by guessing Osleydis (sp?) Melendez and Timothy Mack


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      The old (and now deceased) one could be Ted Meredith.


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        Happy birthday today (41) to Osleidys Menendez, winner of the women's javelin in Athens (2004). She set a world record when winning the World Championships in Helsinki (2005). Menendez was born in Cuba in 1979. Menendez took the Olympic bronze medal in the javelin at the 2000 Sydney Games. She was sixth place in Beijing at the 2008 Olympic Games. Tim Mack is not a bad guess, but it's not correct.

        Ted Meredith was born today 129 years ago. You may know that he won two Olympic gold medals at the 1912 Stockholm Olympic Games. He won the 800 and he ran the third leg on the winning four by 400 relay in Sweden. He also placed fourth in the 400. Eight years later (1920) he ran the 400, but did not make the Olympic final in Antwerp. He ran the third leg on the U.S. four by 400 relay team that took fourth place in Belgium. Meredith was born in Pennsylvania and died in New Jersey.

        Very good, noone and tandfman.


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          Gabriela Szabo


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            Happy 45th birthday today (Saturday) to Gabriela Szabo and very good, J Rorick. Gabriela Szabo was born in Romania in 1975. Szabo competed in two Olympic Games: 1996 and 2000. She took the Olympic silver medal in the women's 1,500 in Atlanta and also ran the 5,000 in Atlanta, but did not make the final in Georgia. Her Olympic gold medal came in the 2000 Sydney Olympic 5,000. She took the bronze medal in the 2000 Sydney women's 1,500.

            Thank you noone, tandfman, and J Rorick. All three of you have gold medals.