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Do Both Champions Specialize?


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  • Do Both Champions Specialize?

    Happy birthday today (Tuesday) to two Olympic champions with a total age of 112 years and born approximately 334 miles (537 km) apart from each other.

    These two athletes competed in a total of four Olympic Games and won a total of two Olympic gold medals.

    Both individuals were born on a Tuesday and both speak the same language and both won Olympic medals at the same Olympic Games.

    Would you believe these two champions won Olympic medals about 48 hours from each other?

    One of our birthday athletes won an Olympic silver medal on Jimmy Carter's 64th birthday and it was not in the hurdles.

    This is your chance to name both birthday athletes on this 248th anniversary of President William Henry Harrison's birth.

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    I happen to know that Carter was born in 1924, so the correct Olympics for the golds is either 1984 or 1992.


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      Donovan Bailey?


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        Originally posted by dukehjsteve View Post
        I happen to know that Carter was born in 1924, so the correct Olympics for the golds is either 1984 or 1992.
        Why not 1988? 1924 + 64 = 1988

        EDIT: I think I got your logic. A silver was on Carter's birthday... (Didn't read carefully enough.)
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          Bailey is entirely wrong, by the way.


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            You guys are on the right track. Keep going.


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              Dieter Baumann?


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                Happy 56th birthday today to Dieter Baumann and nice work, noone. Bauman competed in the 5,000 at three Olympic Games (1988, 1992, & 1996). He took the silver medal in Seoul and the gold medal in Barcelona. At Atlanta in 1996, Baumann was fourth place, just 0.44 off from the bronze medal. So close to a complete set (gold, silver, & bronze) of Olympic medals.

                Thank you, noone.


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                  Then it must be Christian Schenk, the man who straddled, what, 227?


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                    Happy 56th birthday today to Christian Schenk. Very well done, noone. Christian Schenk competed in only one Olympic Games and won the 1988 decathlon at those Games. Schenk won the gold medal in the decathlon just about two days before Dieter Baumann won the Olympic silver medal in the 5,000 in Seoul, South Korea. Thank you, noone.


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                      good thing they didn't use the same toothpaste