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    Happy birthday today (Thursday) to an Olympic champion who won that Olympic gold medal approximately 8,422 miles (13,554 km) from the site where this athlete was born.

    Another Olympic champion (in a similar event and sharing the same initials as our birthday athlete) was nine years old when our birthday individual was born.

    You may already know that our birthday person competed in only one Olympic Games because of an injury.

    Did I tell you that there were no hurdles involved with our birthday champion?

    Remember that other Olympic champion (sharing the same initials) who was nine years old when our birthday athlete was born?

    Well, this other Olympic champion won an Olympic gold medal in the same city where our birthday champion was born.

    Our birthday athlete was 11 years old when this other Olympic champion won the Olympic gold medal.

    It probably would help to tell you that our birthday person turns 76 years old today.

    Please take the seven letters found in our title, rearrange those seven letters, and come up with a valuable clue.

    I'm sure you have enough clues now to name our birthday athlete for this sixth Thursday of 2021.

    Name our Olympic champion with a birthday today.

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    The athlete in question was born 1945; hence, the other athlete won in Melbourne 1956; hence, the former is Australian, if I understand the clues correctly. My guess: Ralph Doubell.


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      and the other rd would be Ron Delany


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        And Franz Stampfl was Doubell's coach, Hence the title anagram.


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          Haha, I wondered that with one vowel and six consonants what on earth can be the anagram!


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            Happy 76th birthday today to Ralph Doubell and very good, Olli. Doubell, as you may remember, won the 1968 Mexico City Olympic 800 when he tied Peter Snell's world record from 1962 of 1:44.3. Less than four years later in 1972, Dave Wottle ran 1:44.3 at the U.S. Olympic Trials to also tie this world mark. In 1973, Marcello Fiasconaro (Italy) ran 1:43.7 to establish a new world record in the 800 and the first sub-1:44.0 in the event.

            Very good, dukehjsteve and tandfman for getting Ron Delany and Franz Stampfl.

            Thank you Olli, dukehjsteve, and tandfman.