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Athletes Run Pretty Quickly During Most Big Races


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  • Athletes Run Pretty Quickly During Most Big Races

    Happy birthday today (Saturday) to four Olympic champions.

    That's almost one Olympic champion for each of the five Olympic rings.

    Our four birthday champions competed in the Olympics in every continent except South America, Africa, and Antarctica.

    Their combined age from birth is 340 years today.

    You will know these four people as "A", "B", "C", and "D".

    "A" is the oldest and was 36 years old when "B" was born.

    Two of our birthday athletes competed in just one Olympic Games while the other two champions each competed in three Olympic Games.

    "B" was 36 years old when "C" was born.

    These Olympians won a total of five Olympic gold medals.

    Four of the eight Olympic Games in which they participated were held in Europe.

    "C" was four years old when "D" was born.

    Only one of our birthday individuals won two World Championship gold medals and only one of these four athletes was not born in the same country as the other three.

    Sorry to say that only half of our birthday champions are still alive today.

    Time to name our four birthday Olympic champions for this third Saturday of February.

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    This is complicated. Ages: A = B + 36, B = C + 36. C = D + 4. The sum of ages = 4D + 3 * 4 + 2 * 36 + 36 = 4D + 120 = 340; hence D = 55, C = 59, B = 95, A = 131; hence birthyears 1890, 1926, 1962, 1966. Having done the math, I'm too exhausted to guess anything. Hope this helps others


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      Very good, Olli. You have the correct years of birth for all four athletes. I can tell you that the person who was not born in the same country, as were the other three individuals, is dead. I can also tell you that none of these four athletes competed at the same Olympic Games.


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        P. Q. = Pierre Quinon?


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          Pierre Quinon was born 59 years ago today in France. He won the gold medal in the pole vault at the 1984 Los Angeles Olympic Games and died (suicide) in 2011 at the age of 49. Quinon suffered much of his life with depression. He is not the only Olympic gold medalist in the pole vault in our birthday quiz for this 20th day of February.

          Very good, Olli.


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            My guess is that Quinon was he only on France and the three who were not from France were all from the US, and the pole vaulter would be Bob Richards.
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              Bob richards


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                Crap, too slow


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                  Happy 95th birthday today to Bob Richards. Good work, tandfman. Almost a photo finish, but good on you, Tuariki.

                  Bob Richards competed in three consecutive Olympics (1948, 1952, and 1956). He vaulted at all three of those Games. In London (1948) he won the Olympic bronze medal and then took the Olympic gold medal in the pole vault in Helsinki (1952). In Melbourne (1956), Richards won the pole vault gold medal and also competed in the decathlon, however he did not finish the decathlon because of an injury.

                  Born in Illinois, Bob Richards was one of a very few track and field athletes to appear on a box of Wheaties (breakfast cereal).

                  Thank you Olli, tandfman, and Tuariki.


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                    Alma Richards for AR and the 1890 YOB


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                      Originally posted by DoubleRBar View Post
                      Born in Illinois, Bob Richards was one of a very few track and field athletes to appear on a box of Wheaties (breakfast cereal).
                      Richards was not only the first trackster on Wheaties (1958), he was also the first athlete, period, to be on the front of the box.



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                        Alma Richards was born in Utah 131 years ago today and went on to win the Olympic high jump at the 1912 Stockholm Olympic Games. Very good, bambam1729. Alma Richards became a teacher in the Los Angeles area of Southern California and died in Long Beach in 1963 at the age of 73. I believe he might still have some relatives (children and/or grandchildren, great grandchildren) in the Los Angeles/Orange County area.

                        True story: I had Wheaties for my breakfast this morning. You may already know that Lebron James is pictured on our (my wife shares them with me) box of Wheaties (The Breakfast of Champions). Now, I don't know a lot about Lebron James ("Just a Kid from Akron"), but I would guess that he would have made a pretty good track and field athlete in his day. Which events do you think Lebron James could have competed in and done pretty well?

                        Thank you bambam1729 and gh.


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                          So Alma is a man?


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                            So, what DM American competed in probably Barcelona or Atlanta


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                              Or Seoul (because Asia has to be represented, too). Was there a runner called Dennis Mitchell? Did he run relays?