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    Happy birthday today (Tuesday) to an Olympic champion who was born 116 years ago today and died at the age of 93.

    You might be surprised to hear that our birthday person did not compete in the Olympic hurdles.

    Competing in three Olympic Games and in three different events, our birthday individual won one Olympic gold medal.

    Three fairly famous people, sharing the same initials as our birthday athlete, made a living as actors on the big screen and/or television.

    Actor "A" was born in Ireland and was the mother of one of Frank Sinatra's wives.

    "B" was from Utah and played for the Los Angeles Rams.

    "C" was born in India and was "The Dark Angel" going to "Wuthering Heights" on the "Berlin Express".

    Our birthday athlete made Olympic history.

    Please name this Olympic champion on this fifth Tuesday of March.

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    I know your Modus operandi, if you get my drift. But I don't know the athlete.


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      I get your drift and my modus operandi.


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        I got the modus operandi reference after figuring it out myself. The three look to be Maureen O'Hara, Merlin Olsen, and Merle Oberon. I also have no idea who the athlete is.


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          Given those there I'll vote for Mikia Oda


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            Mikio Oda was born 116 years ago today and went on to win the Olympic triple jump at the 1928 Amsterdam Olympic Games. He was 23 years old when winning the Olympic gold medal. His first Olympics were in Paris (1924) where he tied for tenth place in the high jump, tied for tenth place in the long jump, and took sixth place in the triple jump.

            In Amsterdam (1928) he not only won the triple jump gold medal, but he also tied for seventh place in the high jump and didn't make the final in the long jump.

            Oda was 12th place in the 1932 Los Angeles Olympic triple jump.

            He made history by becoming the first person from Japan to win an Olympic gold medal.

            His winning jump at the 1928 Olympics in the Netherlands measured 15.21 (49' 11"). Mikio Oda was such a Japanese hero that when Tokyo hosted the 1964 Olympic Games, their Olympic flag pole was 15.21 (49' 11") tall to honor his gold medal performance.

            Good job, bambam1729.

            Good work, mcgato for getting the actors: Maureen O'Sullivan, Merlin Olsen, and Merle Oberon. Maureen O'Sullivan and Mikio Oda both died in 1998. Maureen O'Sullivan (Mia Farrow's mother) and Merle Oberon both were born in 1911. You might remember Merlin Olsen for his role in "Little House on the Prairie". Olsen died about 11 years ago.

            Thank you mcgato and bambam1729.


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              I actually got the wrong Irish Maureen.


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                I'm giving you credit for O'Sullivan.