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Zoom Recording – With 15 Ultramarathon Pioneers


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  • Zoom Recording – With 15 Ultramarathon Pioneers

    50th Anniversary Reunion Celebration – Zoom Recording – With 15 Ultramarathon Pioneers
    National 50 Mile Championship – Rocklin CA – October 18, 1970
    Perhaps the Greatest Ultramarathon Race Ever in the United States!
    Listen to these HistoryMakers here:

    Joe Henderson called it the best race I ever saw; “50 Miles of Pure Drama.”
    Bob Deines set an American Record 5:15:19.2 beating Skip Houk by a mere 3 seconds.
    Deines and Houk missed Alan Phillips World Record by less than 3 minutes.
    The team championship went to the Redwood City Striders a team of teenagers (Jose Cortez – 19, Randy Lawson – 18, and Bryan Geiser – 17).
    The race included Bruce Dern the actor and Ken Young who would become a leader in keeping running history records.
    The race was a changing of the guard in U.S. Ultramarathon running as Ted Corbitt age 51 finished in 6th place and set a world age group record that still stands today.

    Zoom Conference Call – December 3, 2020
    The call is dedicated to these running pioneers:
    Bob Carmen, Ted Corbitt, Jim McDonagh, Dr. John Pagliano, Paul Reese, and Ken Young

    Here are the presentation times for each participant during the two hour call:
    Gary Corbitt: Introduction
    Andy Milroy: 4:11 – 18:36
    Bob Deines: 18:37 – 38:33
    Skip Houk: 38:34 – 51:20
    Jose Cortez: 51:21 – 1:10:17
    Randy Lawson: 1:10:18 – 1:21:23
    Bryan Gieser: 1:21:23 – 1:23:30
    Dave Waco: 1:23:31 - 1:27:52
    Tom Derderian: 1:27:53 – 1:29:42
    Jeff Kroot – Tom Derderian – Bob Deines: 1:29:43 – 1:36:45
    Nick Marshall: 1:36:46 – 1:40:21
    Jack Leydig – Pete League: 1:40:22 – 1:43:27
    Darryl Beardall: 1:43:28 – 1:59:18

    50th Anniversary Rocklin Call Participants:
    Darryl Beardall:
    Third place finisher in 1970. Has over 300,000 lifetime running miles including over 200 marathons. He was a four time U.S. Olympic trial participant. Darryl continues to work out and race when possible with a walker. Marathon best of 2:28.

    Jose Cortez:
    Fourth place finisher in 1970 and led the championship Redwood City Striders team. Former age group world record holder at the marathon and American record holder for 100 miles in 1971. Marathon best of 2:21.

    Bob Deines:
    Winner of the 1970 race in an American record. One of the leading advocates of using the LSD Long Slow Distance training approach. Fourth place finisher at the 1968 Olympic Marathon trial race. Marathon best of 2:20.

    Tom Derderian:
    1970 race participant. Boston Marathon historian, and longtime coach of the Greater Boston Track Club. A pioneer New England leader with USATF affairs. Marathon best of 2:19.

    Mike Fanelli:
    Master Historian of Track & Field and Long Distance Running. Former coach, agent, race announcer, color commentator, and running shoe store owner. Marathon best of 2:25.

    Bryan Gieser:
    9th place finisher and a member of the winning Redwood City Strider championship team. Was a 17 year old teenager in 1970. Marathon best of 2:24.

    Skip Houk:
    Second place finisher in 1970. 1968 winner of this race and former American record holder at 50 miles. Won this national championship race in 1971. Marathon best of 2:22.

    Rich Innamorato:
    Runner and legendary ultramarathon race director in the New York area. Founder and longtime leader of the Broadway Ultra Society (BUS). In 1976 he ran from Maine to Florida.

    Jeff Kroot:
    An advocate for the LSD Long Slow Distance training approach. A photographer for many of the famous running events on the west coast including this race.

    Randy Lawson:
    8th place finishers and a member of the Redwood City Strider championship team. Was an 18 year old teenager in 1970. Marathon best of 2:29.

    Pete League:
    1970 race participant. Long Distance Running Pioneer and first generation road race measurement course certifier. The founder of the Houston Marathon.

    Jack Leydig:
    1970 race participants. Legendary west coast race organizer with the West Valley Track Club. Founder and longtime editor of the NorCal Running Review. 2:25 marathon best.

    Andy Milroy:
    Global road running historian, writer, and statistician. One of the founding members of The Association of Road Racing Statisticians (ARRS).

    Nick Marshall:
    Inducted into the American Ultrarunning Hall of Fame in 2017. A master historian and record keeper of ultramarathon statistics. He broke 6 hours for 50 miles on both the track and roads along with many other running accomplishments.

    Dave Waco:
    1970 race participant. Third place finisher in the 1969 AAU National Marathon Championship at Culver City. An early road running course measurer. Marathon best of 2:29.