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Decathlon quiz with Australian flavor


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  • Decathlon quiz with Australian flavor

    The Australian track and field championship will start this week and recently two Australians set the qualification mark for Tokyo in the decathlon. Here are ten questions related to their December performance.
    The rules of the quiz are simple
    1. Each question is related (very loosely) to either Moloney or Dubler
    2. Only qualifying performances (8350 and above) are counted. To clarify, all performance that score less than 8350 cannot serve as an answer.
    3. Marks set in 2021 do not count.
    4. I will answer the quiz next Saturday and will not comment before hand
    5. Note, this is not an easy quiz (prepare to work hard if you try to answer it).
    6. The wonderful site can help
    The quiz
    1. In the last December two Aussies scored more than the Olympic qualification mark (8350) making it a total of three Australians above the magic number throughout history. Overall, 506 performances of 8350+ were achieved. Germany leads in number of performances and the US is second. Which countries are ranked in third and fourth places?
    2. In his new AR Moloney scored 4613 & 3879 in the two days, becoming only the third decathlete to score above 4600 in the first day and less than 3900 in the second. Who are the first two?
    3. The difference between day1 and day2 for Moloney is 734 points, which rank him as the fifth-place decathletes in this category. Who are the top three?
    4. Who are the three decathletes that are “anti-Moloney”? that is, those with the strongest second day (day2-day1)?
    5. Pivotal to the new AR was Moloney three PBs in the sprint events (100, 110h, 400) with total points of 2978. How many decathletes score more in the sprints?
    6. On the other side of the distribution, Moloney scored only 628 points in the 1,500. However, no less than three decathletes score less than 500 in one event and still got a total score of 8350+. Who are these three decathletes?
    7. While reaching the Olympic qualification mark, Dubler scored only 1381 points in the SP and the DT (13.24 & 41.7). Only five other decathletes scored less, two of which are from the same country. Who are these two decathletes?
    8. Dubler guarantee his place in Tokyo by setting a new PB in the JT. Which are the two events in the decathlon are the most correlated with the Javelin throw?
    9. Both Moloney and Dubler has one performance above 8350. Sebrle leads with 24 performances – who is in second and third place?
    10. Moloney is famous for his unique style in the PV. Three decathletes jumped 4.30 and still manage to score more than 8350, only one of them in this century. Who is this decathlete?

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    Very interesting and very difficult!
    Re #7: assuming you lump all Germanies under Germany, I will guess Soviet Union and France.
    Re #8: SP and DT seem obvious, therefore probably wrong!


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      Sees 'quiz with Aussie flavour' thread...
      Rushes in to answer the questions off the top of my head..

      Sees the questions...


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        Originally posted by Vault-emort View Post
        Sees 'quiz with Aussie flavour' thread...
        Rushes in to answer the questions off the top of my head..

        Sees the questions...
        To be honest, I wrote these questions to the most knowledgeable person I know in T&F.
        Any thing easier - he will get 10 out of 10 in 5 minutes.
        The answer to question 7 is not the SP & DT (one of them is correct though).


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          I take it from rule #6 that we're allowed to do some research for this one, but I'll try guessing off the top of my head first to see how I do...

          1) USSR and Czech Republic
          2) Chris Huffins and Dmitriy Karpov?
          3) Huffins, Karpov and ???
          4) Johnson, Levicq and Mayer
          5) no idea
          6) Huffins and Clay in the 1500?
          7) no idea
          8) since the obvious answer was wrong... SP and HJ??
          9) seems like it should be very doable without research, but no idea
          10) Karpov or Maurice Smith?


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            some guesses, trying to loosely relate them to Dubler-Moloney & 8350+...
            1) CZE has to be one of them (Sebrle-Dvorak), maybe Estonia?
            5) Eaton... and for those over 8350, maybe O'Brien... seems like an American thing...
            8) DT and HJ (both technical, long levers help in both, w/ Dubler being a good HJer)
            9) Dvorak (the relationship to your being 'loosely tied' being both from same country, CZE?)


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              3) Macey?
              6) O'Brien (Hardee 511pts OT'12)
              7) what's the record here? (Busemann 14.52m + 33.71m OG'00)
              9) Dvorak, Nool
              10) Victor


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                Answers to the quiz:
                1. Russia, and CZE (44 performances of which 43 by Sebrle and Dvorak)
                2. Huffins, Meier
                3. O’Brien, Karpov, Meier
                4. Kaul, Levicq, Dave Johnson 1992 Trials
                5. Two
                6. Huffins, O’Brien, Clay
                7. Buseman GER 14.52 & 33.71
                  Eaton (12.6 & 41.71)
                  Abele (12.9 & 41.75)
                8. SP, 1500
                9. Dvorak, Nool
                10. Linden Victor