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    Happy birthday today (Thursday) to an Olympic champion who won an Olympic gold medal approximately 1,425 miles (2,293 kms) from the place where this athlete was born.

    Our birthday athlete competed in four Olympic Games and won Olympic gold in all of them except the first of those four Games.

    This champion did not compete in the Olympic hurdles.

    Not many athletes get to carry the national flag at the Olympic Opening Ceremonies, however our birthday athlete did that at the third of those four Games.

    You probably already know that this individual competed in the same two events at all four Olympics.

    Born 64 years ago today, our birthday athlete set two world records during an outstanding career.

    Please name this Olympic champion with a birthday on this third Thursday of April.

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    "Same two events" certainly points to a member of a relay team. And the longevity of the career suggests that we're looking at the 100 and 4x00.


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      I think it's Evelyn Ashford. She was 19 in her 1st Olympics in 1976, and 35 in her last in 1992. (19-35)


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        Happy 64th birthday today to Evelyn Ashford and nice going, gmak. Evelyn Ashford competed in her first Olympics (Montreal, 1976) at the age of 19. She was fifth place in the women's 100 and she ran the second leg on the U.S. four by 100 relay that took seventh place in the final.

        Eight years after Canada, Ashford won the Olympic 100 in Los Angeles and anchored the winning four by 100 relay in California.

        Twelve years after the Montreal Olympic Games, Evelyn got the silver medal in the Olympic 100 in Seoul and she again anchored the U.S. four by 100 relay team to another gold medal. It was at this Olympic Games in South Korea where Evelyn carried the American flag during the Opening Ceremonies.

        Sixteen years after the 1976 Olympics, Evelyn Ashford did not make the 100 final at the Barcelona Olympics, but she did win another gold medal when she ran the first leg on the winning four by 100 relay team. She was now 35 years old.

        As you can see, Evelyn Ashford had quite an Olympic career in track & field and that was just part of her amazing performances in our sport. Happy birthday to Evelyn Ashford.

        Thank you gmak and tandfman.


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          My all-time favorite female athlete.
          And of course her biggest race was in Zurich when she faced Marlies Gohr after the LA Olympics (Gohr said earlier that year she can beat Ashford anytime anyplace). Goer ran her second best time ever (10.84) was leading by a meter at the start and then lost by almost a meter to a new WR of Ashford (10.76).
          Happy birthday Evelin Ashford and thanks for all the memories.