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  • Each Has Joined Birthdays

    Happy birthday today (Saturday) to two Olympic champions with a total today of 166 years since their births.

    Both champions were born on a Sunday and both won one Olympic gold medal.

    These two athletes were born approximately 5,657 miles (9,103 kms) from each other.

    One of our birthday athletes competed in three Olympic Games and died at the age of 65.

    The older of these two champions was 22 when the younger athlete was born and the younger person was three when the older individual won that Olympic gold medal.

    Of course you can guess that there were no hurdles involved with these Olympians.

    Can you name these two Olympic champions on this final Saturday of April?

    Please think about it and name both athletes (or maybe just one of them).

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    I think they might be Josy Barthel and perhaps Eddie Hart. Perhaps there is one year's mistake in the math, however. The ages have to be 73 and 95, which implies that the younger one was born 1948, and thus he was four years old during the next Olympics, if I have not miscalculated.

    EDIT: I did miscalculate (once again). 73 + 95 = 168. 72 + 94 = 166. Mea culpa.
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      Happy 72nd birthday today to Eddie Hart. Very good, Olli. Eddie Hart, of course, ran the anchor leg on the winning American four by 100 relay team at the 1972 Munich Olympic Games. He also ran the 100 in Munich, however did not make the final. This is a whole story in itself and I'm sure most of you know this story. People still wonder today what would have happened had Hart made the 100 final. Would he have beaten Valeriy Borzov? I tend to think he wouldn't have won that race, but then again, I wouldn't have been surprised to see Eddie Hart win that 100 final.

      Josy Barthel was born 94 years ago today and he won the 1,500 (at the age of 25) at the 1952 Helsinki Olympics. Barthel ran the 800 (no final) and was tenth place in the 1,500 at the 1948 London Olympic Games. He didn't make the 1,500 final in Melbourne (1956). Josy Barthel died just about one month before the 1,500 final at the 1992 Barcelona Olympic Games. He was 65 years old.

      Thank you, Olli.


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        We'll never know, but Hart beat Taylor by 0.05 when he won the 1972 Trials, while Borzov beat Taylor by 0.09 in the quarter-finals in Munich, and then by 0.10 in the final. The edge is with Borzov


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          Borzov definitely had the edge in Munich. I can only imagine how Eddie Hart must have felt watching that 100 final on September 1st. If I were Eddie Hart, my only thoughts would have been: "How far back would Borzov been had I been in that final?"