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  • Judging Everyone Judges Nobody

    Happy birthday today (Monday) to two Olympic champions that were born in two different continents and won a total of two Olympic gold medals.

    The older of the two athletes was four years old when the younger individual was born.

    One of these two champions competed in four Olympic Games and all four Games were in different continents (none in Antarctica).

    Our birthday people have a total age today of 114 years.

    You may already know that the first Olympic Games for both athletes was in the same Olympic stadium.

    Don't worry about the hurdles for these two Olympians.

    Please try and name both Olympic champions with birthdays on this second Monday of May.

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    Jonathan Edwads might be one. Just from the initials J and E and the four Olympic games, and the age seems about right. And '88 through 2000 involves 4 different continents.
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      Happy 55th birthday today to Jonathan Edwards. Very well done, KDFINE. As you know, Jonathan Edwards competed in four Olympic Games: He didn't make the final in the triple jump in Seoul (1988), he didn't make the triple jump final at the 1992 Barcelona Olympics, Edwards took the Olympic silver medal at the 1996 Atlanta Olympics, and he finally won Olympic gold in Sydney (2000).

      Thank you, KDFINE.


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        Just looked up the spelling of JN's last name on a list of Olympic champions in order to get it right. I knew the event. Is this cheating? I didn't look up the birthday. Should I list it or must I leave it for someone else? It was a gutsy performance.


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          In this case, I would say it is not cheating, if you were just checking the spelling. It probably would have been better to go ahead and make your guess without looking for the spelling. As long as we can understand the name, the spelling is not a problem.


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            John Ngugi


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              Happy 59th birthday yesterday (Monday) to John Ngugi. Very good, KDFINE. Ngugi won Olympic gold at his only Olympic Games (Seoul in 1988). John Ngugi won the 5,000 in a great race to watch (at least I thought so). After about three laps into the race, Ngugi went from last place to first place. At the 2,000 meter mark, he was in the lead by about 50 meters. Slowly, some of the pack started to gain a bit, however Ngugi had too much of a lead and won the gold medal, running 60.3 for his final lap. Second place (Dieter Baumann) was almost four seconds (3.82) in back of Ngugi at the finish line. Baumann would win the Olympic 5,000 four years later in Barcelona with his famous finishing kick (56.1 last lap). Baumann's winning time in Barcelona was about one second slower than Ngugi's winning time in Seoul. Baumann would go on to take fourth place in the 1996 Atlanta Olympic 5,000. HIs time in Atlanta was about three seconds (2.89) faster than Ngugi's winning time in Seoul.

              Thank you, KDFINE.