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  • Don't Believe Most Yarns

    Happy birthday today (Saturday) to two Olympic champions with a total of three Olympic gold medals.

    Born nine years apart, our birthday individuals have a total today of 163 years since their births.

    Our birthday athletes were not born in the same continent and did not competed in the Olympic hurdles.

    You may know that these two people competed in a total of three Olympic Games all of which were in Europe.

    One of our birthday champions died at the age of 72 while the other lived to the age of 83.

    Can you name these Olympic champions?

    Please give it a shot.

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    Mirusz Yifter jumps out to me for MY.


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      Miruts Yifter was born 77 years ago today in Ethiopia. Nice jump, KDFINE. Yifter ("the shifter") took the Olympic bronze medal in the 10,000 at the 1972 Munich Olympic Games. Eight years later in Moscow (1980) he won the 5,000 and the 10,000. Known for his tremendous last laps, Yifter died at the age of 72, three days before Christmas of 2016 in Canada.

      Thank you, KDFINE.


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        From the clues I inferred that someone had probably participated in 1972 and 1980 but not 1976, but for some reason no MY occurred to me, even though I vividly remember Yifter's all three Olympic races (stupid me). The other one was born 1935 and probably won in Rome 1960, but those games I remember less vividly, since I was not born yet; in any case, no DB occurs to me...


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          Don Bragg


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            Don Bragg was born 86 years ago today (Saturday) in New Jersey and competed in the 1960 Rome Olympics where he won the pole vault, jumping 4.70 (15' 5"). Very good, bambam1729. He was the favorite going into the Rome Olympic Games, having jumped a world record of 4.80 (15' 9") in the U.S. Olympic Trials at Stanford University. Bragg tried for another world record in Rome, however after about six hours of Olympic competition, he was spent.

            Don Bragg suffered from Parkinson's Disease later in his life and he died in California at the age of 83, just two days after Valentine's Day in 2019.

            How many of you remember his "famous" Tarzan yell?

            Thank you, bambam1729.


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              I remember seeing Bragg vault in Wichita circa 1959 on an aluminum or steel pole. Attempted 16 feet as I recall.