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RIP Josh Culbreath


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  • RIP Josh Culbreath

    Josh Culbreath died in Cincinnati on 1 July 2021

    Bronze medalist in 1956 400 hurdles - one of his closest friends was Bill Cosby - also in the news recently

    Bill M

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    Very sorry to hear this news, although I knew he had been in poor health for several months. He was the bronze medal at the 1956 Melbourne Olympic 400 hurdles (completing a U.S. sweep). One of my favorite track photographs appeared on the cover of TFN in January of 1957. I believe the picture was shot by a Sports Illustrated photographer at the 1956 Melbourne Olympic 400 hurdles final. The photo shows all six hurdlers after the tenth hurdle and on their way to the finish line. Glenn Davis is leading the race and to his left you see Gerhardus Potgetter (South Africa) in midair after hitting the last hurdle and then the ground (he finished sixth place). Josh Culbreath was in lane one (next to Eddie Southern) and you can see the strain on Culbreath's face as he fights for an Olympic medal.

    The first three finishers in Melbourne ran 50.1 (equal OR), 50.8, and 51.6. I believe Culbreath had the fastest time in the heats (50.9).

    I was not a track fan in 1956 (only ten years old), but became a fan about four years later.

    Go Morgan State!


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      Saddened to hear this news. I became a fan of Culbreath watching the US - Russian Track meet on the TV when he won in an upset over Dick Howard. He was an official at the 1964 Olympic semi-finals at Randall's Island, and he was most cordial when I approached him and got his autograph on the cover of the program. The 400 Hurdles at the Olympic Trials of both 1956 and 1960 were both incredibly competitive races.


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        Wow- he was a friend of my father's @ Morgan State. I called him in 2019 f/ a cover article about HBCU participation f/ the Penn Relays program, but he didn't answer


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          nice obit here


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            Josh Culbreath graduated from Morgan State (Baltimore) in 1955. Can you name two other Olympians (in track & field) from Morgan State that won a total of three Olympic medals (gold, silver, & bronze)?

            You can use these hints, if you like, but please don't use any research. The first Olympian was born about 30 years after Culbreath and like Culbreath, won Olympic bronze.

            The second athlete was born about 34 years after Josh Culbreath and competed in two Olympic Games, winning Olympic silver and then gold medals.

            One of these two athletes did not compete in the Olympic hurdles.


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              I have no idea what school he went to, but Michael Marsh is my guess for the non-huddling gold medalist


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                Mike Marsh is UCLA


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                  UCLA Bruins and Morgan State Bears.

                  Mike Marsh won Olympic gold (twice) at the same Olympic Games as these two athletes from Morgan State.