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Favorite Olympic Games moments over the years


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  • Favorite Olympic Games moments over the years

    Here are mine, what are yours.

    Memorable Olympic moments since 1976: Both good and bad (

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    Great article. My fondest memories are having my family wait to go out for dinner until after I watched Ed Moses and Mike Shine in the 76 400H. From 1984, I was most moved watching Joanie Benoit in the marathon. 1996 was memorable from watching Michael Johnson's double. And I was always excited each time Bolt laced up his spikes for battle.


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      Mills, Beamon, Joanie, MJ, Wottle
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        Charles Austin, 1996


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          For years my favorite moment was Bruce Jenner crossing the finish line in Montreal. The fruits of focus, commitment, and dedication.

          Then he had to go become a Kardashian.


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            Bruce Jenner was a favourite of mine as a kid. I was a skinny kid but just wanted to be fit and strong like him. Never any good as an athlete, but did 11.2, 22.5, 50.4 at 90kg.after a lot of years of strength work.

            Edwin Moses, what a great athlete.


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              Watching on television, it would have to be Wottle in 1972. But I am partial to the 800 meters.

              As for the ones that I have seen in person, in 1984, the first women’s marathon watching Benoit on the screen going through the stadium tunnel and bursting into the sunlight of the stadium to 80,000 cheers. Plus the drama of the Swiss runner Andersen weaving around the track afterwards.

              In 1996, I officiated as a clerk bringing athletes to the start and the most fun was when there was a morning lull to fill some time, we walked the women high jumpers single file in Lane 8 clockwise almost a full lap to the HJ venue for qualifying. They got applause from each section of the stands as they passed. The athletes loved it. Great stuff.

              In 2012 as a spectator, it would have to be the 800 meter WR.


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                Yes, great event the 800m.


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                  King Carl 84

                  Flo Jo, JJK, men's 100m 88

                  "Old man" Linford 92

                  Michael Johnson, Carl's 4th LJ gold 96

                  Obadele Thompson's 100m Bronze 2000

                  Rudisha and his blistering entourage, Felix and Sonya, finally, 2012

                  ​​​​​​​I'm sure there are others, but that's first thoughts.
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                    It's obviously very personal in terms of how old you are, where you were, etc, but for me it is Dave Wottle. Most great moments seem a bit predetermined (even if it's really in retrospect), but I remember, even through the rounds, it was like what are you doing, how far back, how late do you want to leave it? I seriously doubted he'd make it through the rounds, much less win the gold. I was 13 and the next year I started my high school running and the 880 was my event. I always ran from the front. I could never be the big kahuna Dave Wottle was in Munich.