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  • Bulldogs Set The Bar High

    Happy birthday today (Saturday) to an Olympic champion who competed in one Olympic Games and won one Olympic gold medal.

    Our birthday athlete shares the same initials as another Olympic champion (but different events).

    Please don't worry about the hurdles for either of these two champions.

    When the other athlete (one sharing the same initials as our birthday person) was born, our birthday individual was 52 years old.

    Both champions (birthday person and the one sharing the same initials) were born in September and both were born in countries speaking the same language.

    You might already know that our birthday champion led a one-two-three sweep of the Olympic medals in a particular event.

    I could tell you about the lumber business, but that might be too confusing.

    The athlete sharing the same initials as our birthday person won twice as many Olympic gold medals as our birthday athlete did.

    Born 117 years ago, our birthday champion died almost exactly one month after a soon-to-be-famous athlete (only 18 years old) won the gold medal at the first World Championships in the same event.

    Time to name our birthday champion on this first Saturday of September.

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    The soon-to-be-famous athlete was perhaps Bubka, so this might be a pole vaulter born 1904. The Olympic champions used to be Americans in this event, but I don't remember their names, so I cannot get further.


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      Olli, I give you lots of credit. You are absolutely right about Sergey Bubka and you are also correct about our birthday athlete being an American pole vaulter (born the same year as Cary Grant).


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        Sabin Carr (and Sebastian Coe)?


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          Sabin Carr was born 117 years ago today in Iowa. Very well done, LopenUupunut. You and Olli are an excellent one-two punch.....meaning that you are very knowledgeable about historical track and field (and not necessarily boxing).

          Sebastian Coe is also correct. Coe, of course, won the Olympic 1,500 twice (1980 & 1984). Carr won the 1928 Amsterdam Olympic pole vault. He was a graduate of Yale University and later moved to California where he was successful in the lumber business.

          Sabin Carr died just eight days after turning 79 in the Santa Barbara/Ventura area of Southern California. He died just about one month after Sergey Bubka won the pole vault at the first World Championships which were held in Helsinki, Finland.

          By the way, Sebastian Coe turns 65 in about 25 days.

          Thank you LopenUupunut and Olli.


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            As far as I have followed, LopenUupunut is 100 times more knowledgeable than I. But his user name suggests that he may be too exhausted to reply to these quizzes too often...


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              Sometimes you set the early pace, Olli and then LopenUupunut comes through with a great last lap kick.