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Holding Endurance, Runners Train After Hours


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  • Holding Endurance, Runners Train After Hours

    Happy birthday today (Tuesday) to three Olympic champions who have a total of 261 years since their births.

    These three athletes will be known for this quiz as "A", "B", and "C".

    "B" was 26 years old when "C" was born and "A" was 68 years old when "B" was born.

    Only one of these three champions is still alive today.

    Our birthday individuals competed in a total of six Olympic Games and won a total of seven Olympic gold medals.

    All three athletes won Olympic gold in Europe.

    Athlete "B" competed in only one Olympic Games while athlete "C" competed in three Olympics.

    One of our birthday people won an Olympic gold medal four days before turning 24 years old and this person was born 73 years ago today.

    The only birthday athlete that is still alive celebrates 47 years today.

    No hurdles were involved in any of these Olympic medals.

    You could make a case that athlete "A" really competed in only one Olympic Games, however this person won four Olympic gold medals at two Olympic competitions (Games).

    Did you know that one of our birthday people won an Olympic gold medal just 17 days before turning 30?

    There are lots of clues and I imagine you must know at least one of our three birthday champions on this second Tuesday of September.

    Please name as many of these three birthday athletes as you can.

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    "Ages": C = 47, B = 73, A = 141; hence birthyears: A = 1880, B = 1948, C = 1974.

    A might be Archie Hahn, though I don't quite remember how many golds he won.


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      B won in Munich. Was there a relay runner called Robert Taylor?


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        Today's birthdays:*Hicham El Guerrouj, Robert Taylor and me


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          Archie Hahn was born in Wisconsin 141 years ago today and Robert Taylor was born in Texas 73 years ago today. Very well done, Olli.

          Hicham El Guerrouj was born in Morocco 47 years ago today. I don't know where noone was born, but I wish a Happy Birthday to El Guerrouj and to noone. Good job, noone.

          Archie Hahn competed at the 1904 St. Louis Olympic Games and won three gold medals there: 60, 100, and the 200. Two years later, in Athens, he won the 100. Some people don't consider the 1906 Games to be a "regular" Olympic Games, but other do. Hahn went to the University of Michigan and later coached at Princeton and then the University of Virginia.

          Hahn died in Virginia at the age of 74 in 1955 (the same year Disneyland opened).

          Robert Taylor was a sprinter from Texas Southern University and made the U.S. Olympic team to Munich in 1972 when he placed third in the men's 100 at the U.S. Olympic Trials in Eugene, Oregon.

          He took the Olympic silver medal in the 100 at the Munich Olympic Games. He ran the second leg on the U.S. winning four by 100 relay team that set a world record of 38.19.

          Taylor died in Texas in 2007 at the age of 59.

          Hicham El Guerrouj was 12th in the 1996 Atlanta Olympic men's 1,500. Four years later in Sydney, he took the silver medal in the Olympic 1,500. At the 2004 Athens Olympic Games, El Guerrouj won the 1,500 and four days later he won the 5,000 gold medal at the age of 29.

          Thank you, Olli and noone.