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  • More Powerfully Built Than Jim Londos

    Happy birthday today (Wednesday) to an Olympic champion who some say was born in January (Wikipedia for one) and won two Olympic gold medals.

    I say this athlete was born 116 years ago today and died at the age of 86.

    Grantland Rice, a well-known sports writer, once described our birthday person with the six words found in our title.

    Of course, this champion did not win Olympic gold in the hurdles.

    Some of you already know that this athlete won the first ever Olympic gold medal for a certain country.

    Our birthday individual competed in two Olympic Games and in only one event.

    Time to name our birthday athlete on this 37th Wednesday of 2021.

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    He could High Jump 6'2, but was better known for winning the Hammer in 1928 and 1932 [and probably would have won in 1936 had the Irish sent a track and field team to Berlin] - Dr Pat O'Callaghan


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      Pat O'Callaghan was born (I believe) 116 years ago today in Ireland. Very good, rhymans. O'Callaghan won two Olympic hammer throw gold medals: 1928 (Amsterdam) and 1932 (Los Angeles). The title refers to the professional wrestling that Pat O'Callaghan was "famous" for after his hammer throwing days. As rhymans mentioned (high jump), O'Callaghan was a pretty well-rounded athlete. He was a fast runner, a good jumper, and very strong. He was 86 when he died in Ireland almost 30 years ago.

      Thank you, rhymans.