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    Happy birthday today (Thursday) to two Olympic champions with a total age today of 104 years.

    One of our birthday people was six years old when the other was born.

    Born approximately 5,323 miles (8,568 kms) from each other, these two athletes won a total of two Olympic gold medals at a total of five Olympics Games.

    Our birthday individuals competed only once at the same Olympics.

    Some say their two Olympic events are fairly similar.

    Neither athlete was born in Asia, Africa, Antarctica, or Australia.

    Please name these Olympians with birthdays on this third Thursday of September.

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    Probably Kevin Young for "Know Your", especially since you didn't tell us to skip the hurdles this time


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      Happy 55th birthday today to Kevin Young and great work, bambam1729. Kevin Young, you might know, used to hold the world record in the 400 hurdles. He set that record (46.78) at the 1992 Barcelona Olympics. You might remember that he missed getting a medal at the 1988 Seoul Olympics when he placed fourth in the 400 hurdles. Young was born in Los Angeles and went to UCLA. He is an artist and was an artist over those hurdles.

      Thank you, bambam1729.


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        I'll give it a try. Since my heritage is half Norwegian, I always followed their athletes. My guess would be Vebjorn Rodal who won the 800m in 1996 but was also at Barcelona. I figure that there aren't too many other V R athletes but don't get the connection between the 400 hurdles and the 800m.
        Retired triple jumper and paying the price! Son of Al Hall


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          Happy 49th birthday today to Vebjorn Rodal. Nice going, Ghosttowner. Vebjorn Rodal competed in three Olympic Games at the 800 and only made the final at the 1996 Atlanta Games where he won the Olympic gold medal. He ran in Barcelona (1992) and also in Sydney (2000). Of course, Rodal was born in Norway which has been making some track & field news this year.

          Several 400 hurdlers will also sometimes run the 800 to help their endurance for the 400 hurdles. Rarely do you see an 800 runner running the 400 hurdles to help with their form.

          Thank you, Ghosttowner.