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  • The Good, The Bad, And The Whatever

    Happy 70th birthday today to an Olympic champion who competed in two events at one Olympic Games and the following year was named TFN Indoor Athlete of the year.

    Don't worry about the hurdles with this athlete's Olympic events.

    Our birthday individual had some legal problems which made major headlines.

    This person won the Olympic gold medal on the same continent where this athlete was born.

    Name our birthday champion on this penultimate Saturday of September.

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    I would guess it is one of the US men relay members
    4 x 100 or 4 x 400

    Given that they won the relays but not the individual events.


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      Yea, I made the same inference. I suppose you mean in Montreal (born 1951; hence 1976 most probable olympic year).


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        Thought of the answer about a half hour ago while on the exercise bike. Steve Riddick had legal troubles, picked up a relay gold and was productive indoors.


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          Happy 70th birthday today to Steve Riddick. Very well done on the exercise bike, KDFINE.

          Steve Riddick was born in Virginia and ran the 100 (didn't make the final) at the Montreal Olympics in 1976 (he was 24). He anchored the winning four by 100 relay team (38.33) for his gold medal in Canada.

          In 2007 he was convicted of bank fraud and money laundering among other crimes. It's always sad when track & field stars do the wrong thing, but then again, it's sad when anyone does the wrong thing.

          Thank you, Tuariki, Olli, and KDFINE.