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  • All Champions Embrace Determination

    Happy birthday today (Tuesday) to two Olympic champions with a total of 186 years since their births.

    These two athletes competed in a total of three Olympic Games and won a total of two Olympic gold medals.

    One of our birthday people was ten years old when the other person was born.

    Our birthday champions were born approximately 4,397 miles (7,077 kms) from each other.

    Both of these individuals died on a Monday, one at the age of 85 and the other at the age of 90.

    Neither person competed in the Olympic hurdles.

    Only one of our birthday athletes set a world record while winning that Olympic gold medal.

    You might know that both people won Olympic gold medals in cities that speak the same language.

    Time to try and name our birthday athletes on this second of five Tuesdays in November.

    Please remember that no research in allowed.

    All answers must come from your brain.

    Good luck and thank you.

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    I'll try the Norwegian javelin thrower Egil Danielsen.


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      And Alice Coachman?


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        And Alice Coachman?


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          Egil Danielsen was born in Norway 88 years ago today (Tuesday). Very good, noone.

          Danielsen won the 1956 Olympic men's javelin throw with a world record of 85.71 (281' 2") of his fourth round toss. He won that gold medal just 17 days after turning 23 years old.

          Of course, you may remember that Danielsen was also a very good cross country skier. He made the 1960 Rome Olympic Games, however he did not make the final in the javelin in Italy.

          In July of 2019, Danielsen died in Norway at the age of 85.

          Alice Coachman was born in Georgia (United States) 98 years ago today. Very well done, LopenUupunut.

          Coachman was the fifth of ten children in Georgia and her father did not believe girls should be competing in athletics (any sports).

          At the 1948 London Olympic Games, Coachman won the women's high jump at the age of 24.

          She died in Georgia in July of 2014 at the age of 90.

          You were close (six minutes), noone.

          Thank you noone and LopenUupunut.


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            My AC was Adolfo Consolini. But then read on down and saw the correct answers.


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              Consolini is not a bad guess, however he did compete in four Olympic Games.