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  • Labor Brings Golden Dividends

    Happy birthday today (Friday) to two Olympic champions who competed in a total of eight Olympic Games and won a total of four Olympic gold medals.

    These two champions were born a total of 169 years ago today.

    One of our birthday people did not compete in the Olympic hurdles.

    Both athletes won Olympic gold medals in the same country.

    The older person was 59 years old when the younger athlete was born and this older individual won Olympic gold in the same country where the younger champion was born.

    You might be interested to know that these two Olympians were born approximately 5,365 miles (8,635 kms) from each other.

    Interesting to note that the older person tied a world record and then broke that world record the year after winning the Olympic gold medal.

    Did I tell you that one of our birthday people competed in five Olympic Games?

    Only one of our birthday athletes is still alive today while the other died at the age of 82.

    Now is your chance to name these two Olympic champions on this third Friday of November.

    Please remember that no research is allowed, however I do wish you a lot of good luck.

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    Gail Devers?


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      Happy 55th birthday today to Gail Devers and nice going, Olli.

      Gail Devers was born in Seattle, Washington and made five U.S. Olympic teams (1988, 1992, 1996, 2000, and 2004).

      She didn't make the final in the 100 hurdles in Seoul (1988), however she did win the gold medal in the women's 100 in Barcelona (1992). She was fifth in the 100 hurdles in Barcelona and I can still picture her dramatic fall to the finish line after leading the race over the final hurdle.

      In Atlanta (1996), Devers won the 100, was fourth in the 100 hurdles, and ran the second leg on the winning four by 100 relay team.

      Gail did not make the 100 hurdles final in Sydney (2000) nor did she make the final in the 100 and the 100 hurdles in Athens (2004).

      Thank you, Olli.


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        w/o working the math, I was all set to say Guy Drut.


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          A more successful Olympic hurdler than Devers.


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            Originally posted by dukehjsteve View Post
            w/o working the math, I was all set to say Guy Drut.
            Same, and Livio Berutti, obviously also wrong.


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              Not Livio Berruti but maybe Luigi Beccali.


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                I will tell you, noone, that you have the correct country.


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                  Luigi Beccali was born in Italy 114 years ago today. Very good, J Rorick.

                  Beccali competed in the Olympic 1,500 three times (1928, 1932, & 1936).

                  He didn't make the final in Amsterdam (1928), however he did win the gold medal in Los Angeles (1932). He took the Olympic bronze medal in Berlin (1936).

                  In 1941, Beccali moved to the United States and worked as a wine trader.

                  He returned to Italy and died there in 1990 at the age of 82.

                  Thank you, J Rorick.


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                    If I recall correctly, until Fermin Cacho added the 1994 European title to his 1992 Olympic gold, Luigi Beccali was the only man to have won both the Olympic and European 1500m titles. Olympic champs like Barthel, Vasala and Coe never won the European title while noted European winners such as Bannister, Ovett and Cram never won the Olympics at the distance.