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  • Vatue

    Happy 81st birthday today (Tuesday) to an Olympic champion who competed in two Olympic Games, winning the gold medal in the first of those two Games.

    Don't worry, no hurdles were involved in this athlete's Olympic gold medal.

    Our birthday champion is not the only athlete from the same country and sharing the same initials.

    This individual won that Olympic gold medal approximately 4,857 miles (7,813 kms) from the place where this athlete was born.

    Remember that other athlete (with same initials and from same country)?

    Well, that other athlete is a lot more famous than our birthday person.

    It is possible that you could get a valuable clue by unscrambling the five letters in our title, however it is also possible that this clue may not help you very much.

    You might already know that our birthday individual was not the favorite going into the Olympic Games competition.

    Time to name this Olympic champion with a birthday on this final day of November.

    No research is allowed for this quiz and you are allowed only one guess per post.

    Each of your guesses must be followed by a response from me.

    In other words, you cannot make more than one guess without a response from me.

    Good luck.

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    This one I know, and it would perhaps be a record if I now answered it after just one or two minutes.

    However, it would be too easy. Vatue is of course Teuva, and of course that did help me a lot, but probably that is of no use to most.


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      Pauli Nevala - the other athlete is Paavo Nurmi


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        Happy birthday today to Pauli Nevala who was born in Pohja, Finland 81 years ago this day. Very good, bambam1729 and Olli.

        Nevala, of course, won the Olympic javelin throw at the 1964 Tokyo Olympic Games with his fourth round toss of 82.66 (271' 2").

        He competed in the 1968 Mexico City Olympic Games, however he did not make that javelin final.

        Pauli Nevala suffered a career ending shoulder injury in April of 1971

        Thanks to Olli and to bambam1729. By the way, Nevala's family moved to Tueva when Pauli was about five years old. Nice job, Olli.
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          Not that it is terribly important, but Nevala was actually born in Pohja (Southern Finland), but his family moved to Teuva (Ostrobothnia) when he was 5. In any case, he is generally known as Ostrobothnian and Teuvan (if one can use such a demonym), and for me unscrambling Vatue was indeed the decisive hint.


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            Trying to unscramble vatue gave me a headache


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              Teuva was not in my vocabulary either


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                Haha, for once there was a place name I did recognize. So often there are American towns and schools about which I don't have the faintest idea how they connect with athletes.


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                  I am always amazed/impressed by Olli and our other non-Ami forum members' knowledge of things US.


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                    Me too.