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  • Como (Not Perry)

    Happy birthday today (Wednesday) to an Olympic champion who was born on a Monday 63 years ago today and won that Olympic gold medal on a Monday on Cordner Nelson's 66th birthday.

    You may have guessed that our birthday athlete did not run the hurdles at the Olympic Games, however you may have also guessed that this champion did win a World Championship gold medal.

    Our birthday individual was born on a different continent from the place where this athlete won that Olympic gold medal.

    This Olympic champion might have been pretty happy at the results of the recent Tokyo Olympic sprints.

    Please use your brains and let us know the name of this birthday champion on this very first Wednesday of December.

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    Haha, now I am super-quick again. Your hints hint that the champion might be Italian and perhaps won in L.A. or Seoul. Alberto Cova fits the clues perhaps.


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      Happy birthday (63) today to Alberto Cova and very good, Olli. You have to get up pretty early in the morning to beat Olli.

      Alberto Cova was born in Italy and won the 1983 World Championship men's 10,000 in Helsinki and a year later he won the Olympic 10,000 in Los Angeles, California, both races with a very quick last lap.

      Thank you, Olli and the rest of you need to set your alarms a bit earlier.


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        You post was st 5:05am kiwi time.
        Usually awake by then but not till 6:30am today.

        Mind you I still wouldn't have gotten the answer.


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          Well it was 18.05 Finnish time. Just the right time after day's work to check whether Mr. Bar has posted something-


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            By the way, what does the thread title mean?


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              Cova was born in Como Province


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                Originally posted by bambam1729 View Post
                Cova was born in Como Province
                So, I guess he didn't work for Perry Electric in Veniano.
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                  For future reference - is the steeplechase considered a "hurdle" race in these contests? I think it's been mentioned explicitly a couple times.


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                    Yes, the steeplechase has hurdles.