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    Happy birthday today (Friday) to an Olympic champion who was born on a Wednesday 97 years ago and died on a Wednesday just two days after turning 83.

    Our birthday athlete competed in just one Olympic Games and not in the hurdles.

    This champion served in the Air Force during World War II and was named as the outstanding athlete from a certain country the year before winning that Olympic gold medal.

    You might already know that our birthday person shares the same initials (as well as the same first name) as another Olympic champion who won Olympic gold 12 years before our birthday individual.

    Even a back injury and bad weather did not stop our birthday person from winning the Olympic gold medal.

    The title of our thread would have been an appropriate last name for this Olympian.

    Remember the other Olympic champion (sharing the same initials)?

    Both athletes spoke the same language, but won Olympic gold in different events (field event and a running event).

    It was a long trip for our birthday champion to reach the Olympic stadium where this athlete won that gold medal.

    Time to name our birthday gold medalist for this first Friday of December.

    Good luck and please remember that no research is allowed.

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    Winter - Jack or Nick. I think the 1948 one was Jack


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      John (Jack) Winter was born 97 years ago in Australia. Very good, bambam1729.

      John Winter was a member of the Australian Air Force serving in England during World War II.

      He would return to England in 1948 as a high jumper where he won the Olympic gold medal in London.

      After the London Olympics, Winter stayed in London and worked as a bank clerk at an Australian bank.

      He died in Australia 14 years ago this Sunday (December 5) at the age of 83.

      John Woodruff shared the same initials as Winter. Woodruff won the 1936 Berlin Olympic 800.

      Thanks to bambam1729.


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        One I would have got!!

        Damn Damn that Bam-Bam