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  • Breaking Records Pretty Quickly Alarms Rankers

    Happy birthday today (Sunday) to three Olympic champions we shall call "S", "G", and "C".

    These three were born a total of 288 years ago today and competed in a total of five Olympic Games, winning a total of four Olympic gold medals.

    Two of these athletes were born on the same continent and one of those two was the second athlete in history to accomplish a certain feat.

    Another two of our birthday champions won Olympic gold in the same event.

    Athlete "S" was 36 years old when athlete "G" was born and athlete "G" was 36 years old when athlete "C" was born.

    Only "G" is still alive today.

    The father of "C" was an 800 runner and "S" graduated from Stanford's graduate school after going to Cornell.

    "G" won an Olympic bronze medal.

    Can you name all three of these birthday champions on this day of the Closing Ceremonies of the 2022 Winter Olympic Games?

    Give it a try and good luck.

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    Pierre quinon


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      Pierre Quinon was born in France 60 years ago today. Very good, Tuarik.

      Pierre Quinon's father ran the 800 and later in his life, Pierre took up painting (after his athletic career).

      Quinon competed in the 1983 World Championship in Helsinki, Finland, however he no heighted in the pole vault in Finland.

      About two weeks after the 1983 World Championships, Pierre Quinon set a world pole vault record of 5.82 (19' 1 1/4") at a meet in Cologne, West Germany.

      He went on to win the Olympic gold medal at the 1984 Los Angeles Olympics, when he cleared 5.75 (18' 10 1/4").

      Unfortunately, Pierre Quinon suffered from depression and in August of 2011, he committed suicide in France, at the age of 49.

      A sad ending for anyone, much less an Olympic champion.

      Thank you, Tuariki.


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        Alma Richards and Bob Richards?


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          Alma Richards was born in Utah 132 years ago today. Very good, LopenUupunut.

          Alma Richards won the Olympic high jump at the 1912 Stockholm Olympic Games.

          A graduate of the Stanford University Masters Program, Richards was 73 years old when he died in Long Beach, California.

          Bob Richards was born in Illinois 96 years ago today (he's still alive). Again, great job, LopenUupunut.

          Bob Richards was the second athlete to ever clear 15 feet in the pole vault. He made three U.S. Olympic teams, starting with London in 1948 where he won the Olympic bronze medal in the pole vault. He took the gold medal at the 1952 Helsinki Olympics and four years later he won another Olympic gold medal in the pole vault. Richards also competed in the decathlon at the Melbourne Olympic Games in 1956. Unfortunately, he suffered an injury and did not finish the Olympic decathlon which was held three days after the pole vault.

          Some of you might remember seeing the picture of Bob Richards on the box of Wheaties (cereal) a few decades ago.

          Thank you, LopenUupunut.