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  • Big Event

    This month's (February) "Big Event" was a world record which took place 68 years ago today in a country which has never hosted the Olympic Games.

    The athlete that set this world record was a native of the country in which this record was set.

    Don't concern yourself with the hurdles when thinking about an event for this "Big Event".

    You might know that the world record which was broken on this day 68 years ago was over ten years old.

    Our "Big Event" record was tied about 19 months later, the same year that Disneyland opened in Orange County.

    Please try and name the event, the athlete that set this record, and the site of our "Big Event".

    Extra credit if you can give the exact mark for our "Big Event".

    Remember, you can make as many guesses as you like, however you can only make one guess per post and must wait until I rule on your guess before making another guess.

    Good luck, you might need it.

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    Dame Yvette Williams broke the world long jump record in February 1954.
    I competed with and was coached by her brother Roy.
    Roy Williams was the 1966 Commonwealth Games decathlon champion.
    Also played basketball with her son, Neville.
    Yvette played basketball into her 60s
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      The main clue was February which suggested Australia or New Zealand.
      Australia out because of the Olympics


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        Tuariki, you are good. Very good. Yvette Williams (New Zealand) long jumped 6.28 (20' 7 1/4") on February 20, 1954, in Gisborne, New Zealand.

        That mark broke the old world record (6.25 or 20' 6") by Fanny Blankers-Koen (Netherlands) which was set in the Netherlands on September 19, 1943 (right in the middle of World War II).

        Galina Vinogradova (U.S.S.R.) tied Yvette Williams' world mark when she cleared 6.28 in Moscow on November 18, 1955 (Disneyland opened about four months earlier).

        I wasn't aware of Roy Williams.

        Thank you very much, Tuariki.


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          Originally posted by DoubleRBar View Post

          I wasn't aware of Roy Williams.

          you undoubtedly read the piece he wrote on Jacko Gill that appeared in the October '11 edition!


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            Oh, that Roy Williams!


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              Originally posted by DoubleRBar View Post
              Oh, that Roy Williams!
              For many years Roy was a sports reporter for the now defunct Auckland Star newspaper.
              His desk was at the Star was next to my cousin’s desk, also a reporter.