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    Happy birthday today (Friday) to two Olympic champions who both competed in just one Olympic Games and won a total of three Olympic gold medals and two Olympic silver medals.

    These two champions will be known today as "F" and "P".

    "F" was born on a Wednesday 89 years ago today and died on a Wednesday almost four years ago.

    When "P" was born, "F" was already 13 years old.

    Neither athlete ran the hurdles in the Olympics.

    Our birthday champions were born approximately 746 miles (1,201 kms) from each other and have a combined 167 years since their births.

    "P" was born in a city which hosted the Olympic Games about 52 years after "P" was born.

    Both individuals won Olympic medals (but not the same color) in the same two events (not the same event, but the same two events).

    Some of you may know that "F" was named after a person who accomplished an amazing feat some four years before "F" was even born.

    Can you name these two Olympic champions with birthdays on this first Friday of June?

    Please give it a try without using any research.

    Good luck.

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    I'm guessing that "13 years old" should be 11, otherwise there's an inconsistency with the "167 years" and the "52 years". Since P was born in an Olympic year (52 years before another games) this eliminates the possibility of making F two years older.

    So if P was born in '44 in Atlanta, (s)he might have been in Mexico City, Munich or Montreal. But Moscow less likely if the individual was actually an American.

    American multi-medalist suggests a sprint. And always have to remember relay gold medalists.

    Since you miss 100% of the shots you don't take, I'll say Robert Taylor and very likely be wrong.

    Then we'd have to find a sprinter born in '33 who had a good games in '56 or maybe '52.


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      It would help if I paid any attention to the thread title. Now I think I know who F is but I don't get another guess until my first one is officially ruled wrong.

      Since my first guess was actually the identity of P, I'll ROT-13 a guess for F and maybe be disqualified: Yvaql Erzvtvab


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        I think you may be a bit confused about the ages, cigar95. Athlete "P" was not born in "an Olympic year". The clue says that "P" was born in an Olympic city. That city hosted the Olympic Games about 52 years after "P" was born. Yes, the combined years since both athletes' births is 167 years. You are correct in saying that "P" was born in Atlanta in 1944.

        Robert Taylor is incorrect. Athlete "F" was not born in 1933.

        Yvaql Erzvtvab is also incorrect.


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          . . . . . . but since 52 is divisible by 4, the birth year would also be an Olympic year. (Unless someone was born in Lillehammer, I suppose, but then the distances don't work.)


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            You do have the right birth year for "P" (1944). Now, you know that about 52 years after "P" was born, the city in which "P" was born hosted the Olympic Games. You don't have to divide 52 by four.

            I can tell you that "P" competed in three events in the Olympic Games as a teenager.
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              I think the confusion is that athlete F is actually 91, not 89.


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                The math seems all confused or then I am confused. If F is 89 and P 13 years younger, the latter is 76. 89+76 = 165, not 167.
                Moreover, if P is 76, he/she was born in 1946, not 1944. Moreover, if F is 89, he/she definitely was born in 1933.


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                  I apologize. You are correct. Athlete "F" was born 91 years ago today, making their total years since birth at 169 years. Athlete "F" died in 2018 at the age of 87.

                  Here I was thinking the confusion was over athlete "P". I am very sorry, cigar95.

                  Athlete "P" turns 78 today and currently lives in the San Francisco Bay Area.

                  You probably already know that athlete "F" won two Olympic gold medals (in Europe).

                  Once again, I'm very sorry for the confusion and my dumb mistake.

                  Please try again.


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                    . . . . . . .. and I'm now pretty confident my athlete F is correct. (Just undo the ROT13.)

                    My strong suspicion now is that P is a woman, since I ran through all the American men in the 64-76 era and none of them fit the pieces of the puzzle. That presumably means she's '64 or '68, before the DDR took over. My knowledge of women's athletics in that era is pretty minimal once you get past Rudolph and Tyus.


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                      Lindy Remigiano.


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                        Lindy Remigino was born in New York on this day 91 years ago. Well done, Olli.

                        Remigino won the Olympic gold medal in the men's 100 at the 1952 Helsinki Olympic Games. Six days later he ran the third leg on the winning four by 100 relay for the United States. They won that relay in 40.26 (the 1932 team won in 40.10). Of course you know that Lindy got his first name from Charles Lindbergh. By the way, the first four finishers in that 1952 Helsinki men's 100 all clocked 10.4 (10.79, 10.80, 10.83, and 10.84).

                        Yes, cigar95, athlete "P" is a woman who was born in Atlanta 78 years ago today. You are also correct that she competed at the 1964 Tokyo Olympics.


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                          Originally posted by DoubleRBar View Post
                          By the way, the first four finishers in that 1952 Helsinki men's 100 all clocked 10.4 (10.79, 10.80, 10.83, and 10.84).
                          Three cheers for hand timing!


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                            I can remember meets (and I'm sure many of you, too) where fifth and sixth place finishers in the 100 didn't get an official time because there weren't enough stop watches and/or timers at the meet.


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                              Edith McGuire