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    Originally posted by noone View Post
    Off topic, I know..But speaking of athletes with the last name King, I find it interesting that British hurdler David King is a 1:1 translation of Italian 400m runner Davide Re.
    I realised this last year when I clicked on someone's link to the Italian team for the European Team Champs and Google decided to translate as much of the content as it could into English and it showed "David King" as their 400m selection.


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      Originally posted by midwestfan View Post
      One of your best "guess who" Olympic Gold Medalists birthday quizzes. I have no clue when the athlete is born before 1956 Olympics and do my homework (not cheating but learning and not participating. I found out Bob King's Obituary and saw he died of a heart attack on the main street where he lived in Alamo, CA in 7/29/65. Also found that for three successive Olympics 1924-28-32 the High Jump Gold Medalists all became "Doctors". Harold Osborn (D.O.), Bob King (M.D.), and Duncan McNaughton (PhD). Never knew the "birth" name of President Ford was really King. Never learned that in school, only here. Thanks for the history lesson.
      When I was teaching (eighth grade U.S. history). I used to tell my students that if President Ford had never been adopted by Gerald Ford, we would have had a "King" for a president. Ford was born in Nebraska as Leslie L. King and when his mother moved to Michigan and married Gerald Ford. His "new" father adopted him and gave him his name. Most of you already know that Ford was one of our most athletic presidents.