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  • Does Track Parallel Field?

    Happy birthday today (Saturday) to two Olympic champions with a total of 127 years today.

    We can call these two "H" and "T".

    Both athletes competed at the same Olympic Games and both competed in a certain event to win their Olympic gold medals.

    "H" was one year old when "T" was born

    Our birthday individuals competed in a total of six Olympic Games. and won a total of three Olympic gold medals.

    These two champions were born about 583 miles (938 kms) from each other.

    Please name our birthday athletes on this penultimate day of July in 2022.

    Remember that no research is allowed, however you are allowed to make more than on guess, as long as I rule on your first guess before you make a second guess.

    For example, if you say "William Harrison" is the answer to the quiz, then you can't make another guess until I say if "William Harrison" is right or wrong.

    Have fun and good luck.

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    Two guesses: Daley Thompson, Petra Felke


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      Happy 64th birthday today to Daley Thompson and happy 63rd birthday today to Petra Meier-Felke.

      Very good, Davidokun.

      Daley Thompson was born in England on this day in 1958. He competed in four Olympic Games (the decathlon in all four). He was 18th in the Olympic decathlon at the 1976 Montreal Olympic Games. The decathlon's second day in Canada was on Daley's 18th birthday.

      Thompson won the Olympic gold medal four years later in Moscow (1980). He scored 8,495 points in Moscow just four days before his 22nd birthday.

      At the 1984 Los Angeles Olympic Games, Daley Thompson won his second Olympic gold medal with a world record of 8,798 points just ten days after his 26th birthday. After the 110 hurdles photograph was re-read, Thompson's total score increased by one point and became a new world record when the new 1984 tables came into use. Two days after winning the gold medal in the decathlon, Daley Thompson ran the first leg on Great Britain's four by 100 relay team that placed seventh in the Olympic final.

      Thompson scored 8,306 points to finish in fourth place at the 1988 Seoul Olympic decathlon. He was 30 years old in South Korea and almost took the Olympic bronze medal. Dave Steen (Canada) ran a 4:23.20 during the last event to pass Thompson for the bronze medal. Thompson ran 4:45.11 in the 1,500. Dave Steen's total score was 8,328 points.

      Petra Felke was born in East Germany and competed in two Olympics. She won the women's javelin at the 1988 Seoul Olympics and she placed seventh in the javelin at the 1992 Barcelona Olympic Games.

      Thank you, Davidokun.


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        I remember Steen's post-race interview where he described his 1500 performance as "I ran my ass off" then apologized for using that word.


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          Was in attendance at the Coliseum for both days of Thompson's second gold-medal-winning performance.

          My father took the whole family to the Trials. (We missed the second day to attend my college graduation ceremony.) Wanted to take the whole family to T&F at the Games, but Americans had to enter a lottery to purchase tickets. Decided to try for the two days of the decathlon, since it would be poorly covered on TV, and lucked out. Was on the edge of my seat for Thompson's third attempt in the discus throw. My sisters were more interested in Siggi Wentz.

          You have the sequence of events regarding the world record out of order. When the new tables went into effect in 1985, Thompson moved ahead of Hingsen on the all-time list by 14 points, but Hingsen retained the record under a grandfather rule. The revision of Thompson's hurdles time was made official in 1986. As a result, he tied Hingsen's record with the old tables, so the grandfather rule no longer applied.


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            Thank you, Davidokun.