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  • Like Father, Like Son

    Happy birthday today (Friday) to an Olympic champion who was born 105 years ago today (same year at JFK), competed in two consecutive Olympic Games, and won Olympic medals at both Games in the same event (but no hurdles).

    Our birthday athlete died at the age of 71 (same year the Berlin Wall was removed).

    This champion was born in the same continent where this individual won those two Olympic medals.

    Please name our birthday athlete on this penultimate Friday of September.

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    I'll take a shot at Adolfo Consolini with gold in 48 and 2nd or 3rd in 52.


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      Not a bad guess, dukehjsteve. You are close to the correct event (not discus), your athlete is from the same continent, and you have the right Olympic years.


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        Must be Imre Nemeth then, from what DoubleRBar just posted back to dukehjsteve


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          Imre Nemeth was born in Hungary (in what is now Slovakia) 105 years ago today. You got him, bambam1729.

          Imre Nemeth won the hammer throw at the 1948 London Olympic Games and he took the bronze medal in Helsinki in 1952.

          He died in Hungary at the age of 71.

          Of course you know that his son (Miklos Nemeth) won the Olympic javelin with a world record (94.58) on his first throw at the 1976 Montreal Olympic final.

          Thank you, bambam1729 and dukehjsteve.


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            oh fiddlesticks. I should have thought of the Nemeths before I posted Consolini.