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  • Keyser

    Happy birthday today (Wednesday) to an Olympic champion who was born 85 years ago this day and competed in one Olympic Games.

    This birthday person did not compete in the Olympic hurdles.

    Our birthday athlete's Olympic gold medal was the only Olympic gold medal in a certain event from an athlete representing a certain country.

    Four years after this champion won that Olympic gold medal, another athlete won Olympic gold (not in the same event) representing the same country as our birthday person.

    Both people (birthday athlete and the Olympic gold medalist four years later) share the same initials and both people are still alive today.

    Another "famous" person, sharing the same initials with both athletes, appeared on a popular children's television show (as the host) in the 1950's.

    Can you name our birthday athlete on this last Wednesday of September?

    Good luck and remember, please use no research.

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    So, this is a gold medalist in 1960 or 1964 or 1968.
    A woman from the Eastern block?


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      I have a vague recollection that we have already had this Keyser thing...


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        Damn, I kind of guessed it, but cheated a little bit (checking the last year's Keyser quiz); hence cannot give the answer.


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          I mated up all the male initials( except relays) for 60-64 and 64-68 and struck out.


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            You did get the correct Olympic year, 79 (middle year), but our birthday athlete is not a woman.

            Olli, you do have a good memory. This is not the first time we have celebrated this birthday champion.

            I can tell you that the athlete sharing the same initials with our birthday person won Olympic gold in a field event and I can also tell you that that popular children's television show from the 1950's had a four-word title with the first world being "The".


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              The Danny Thomas Show?... (Yes, sir, a French citizen can have heard about this famous show!)


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                Danny Thomas wasn't a children's show though.

                Howdy Doody?


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                  Howdy Doody is the correct children's show. Very good, gh. Now, who was the host of that show?


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                    Buffalo Bob Something


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                      Bob Schul (with Bob Seagren being the 2nd athlete)


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                        Happy 85th birthday today to Bob Schul. Nice work, J Rorick.

                        Bob Schul was born in Ohio on the last Tuesday of September in 1937. He made the U.S. Olympic team to Tokyo in 1964 and he won the Olympic 5,000 just four days after Billy Mills won the 10,000.

                        Schul's final lap in the Tokyo 5,000 was 54.8. Some of you may remember that the 1964 Tokyo 5,000 was run in fairly wet (rainy) conditions. You may also remember that Bill Dellinger won the bronze medal in this race. Ron Clarke, who would go on to set a world record in the 5,000 almost three months after the Tokyo Olympic Games, placed ninth in the 5,000 Olympic final in Japan.

                        Thank you, J Rorick, 79, Olli, dukehjsteve, and gh.


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                          I was born in Hamilton, OH, about 50 miles from Schul's birthplace West Milton, OH (named after English poet John Milton). I moved to AZ when I was ten, never heard of West Milton, but Ohio is full of little towns no one has heard of.

                          Keyser is certainly an interesting name, never heard it before, Maybe a variation on Kaiser, lots of "Pennsylvania Dutch" in Ohio.


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                            Originally posted by Steele View Post
                            .....Keyser is certainly an interesting name, never heard it before, Maybe a variation on Kaiser, lots of "Pennsylvania Dutch" in Ohio.
                            you've never seen The Usual Suspects?


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                              Keyser Söze! Great film. A classic!