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  • Even Track Salutes Champions

    Happy birthday today (Thursday) to two Olympic champions who were born a total of 180 years ago today.

    Both of these athletes won Olympic gold medals in the same continent and both won Olympic gold medals in the continent in which they were born.

    The older of the two champions died at the age of 58.

    You might know that both of these people won Olympic gold medals in the same country.

    Neither individual competed in the Olympic hurdles.

    Interesting to note that both champions won a total of three Olympic gold medals in the same Olympic stadium.

    One of our birthday athletes was 48 years old when the other person was born.

    Did I tell you that these champions won a total of six Olympic medals?

    Please try and name both Olympic champions on this penultimate day of September.

    Remember that no research in allowed.

    Good luck to you.

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    Eddie Tolan died relatively young. He's the older. Three gold medals in the L.A Coliseum for SC. I'm stumpted.
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      Sandra Cheeseborough?


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        I checked that. Embarrassing...


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          Eddie Tolan was born in Colorado 114 years ago today. Good job, KDFINE.

          Eddie Tolan won the 100 at the 1932 Los Angeles Olympic Games. Two days later, he won the 200.

          Los Angeles was his only Olympics and he died in Michigan on the last day of January in 1967. He was only 58 years old.

          Check the clues carefully. I can tell you that the other champion is not a woman.

          Thank you KDFINE and Olli.


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            OK, Seb Coe.


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              Happy 66th birthday today to Sebastian Coe. Good job, Olli.

              Seb Coe was born in London, England on the last Saturday of September in 1956 (just a few weeks before the start of the 1956 Melbourne Olympics).

              Coe won the 1980 Moscow Olympic silver medal in the 800 and six days later, he won the 1,500 gold medal in Moscow. He did the same thing four years later in Los Angeles (1984) when he took the silver medal in the 800 and five days later, he won the 1,500 gold medal.

              Sebastian Coe went to several Olympics (and World Championships) after 1984, but not as a runner.

              Thanks again, Olli.