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  • Gisela

    Happy birthday today (Sunday) to an Olympic champion who was born 111 years ago and died about 17years ago at the age of 93.

    This particular champion competed in two Olympic Games and in a total of three different events during those two Games.

    Of course, no hurdles were involved with our birthday athlete's Olympic events.

    You might be interested to know that this individual won the Olympic gold medal in the same country where this athlete was born.

    Our birthday champion also won an Olympic bronze medal.

    Time to name our birthday athlete on this first Sunday of October.

    Please know that no research is allowed with these quizzes.

    Good luck is given to all contestants.
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    This seems too easy but is it Gisela Mauermayer??


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      This looks too evident knowing DoubleRBar's super difficult riddles.


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        It isn't Gisela Mauermayer, however you aren't too far from the correct answer.
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          Someone German 1932/1936
          Her partner?


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            Not her partner, however our birthday athlete was German.


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              The German athletes who won gold medals in 1936 were 100% throwers.


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                  I'll just pick one of them as a guess: Karl Hein


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                    Karl Hein was about three years older than our birthday athlete. I can tell you that today's birthday person was not a man.


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                      I've checked: it is impossible to find the meaning of Gisela if you don't know a part of the private life around his/her biography.


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                        Since no research is allowed with these quizzes, one has the choice of knowing the history of some athletes or making a guess, based on the various clues and comments found in the thread, Please remember that you can make as many guesses as you wish, as long as you make only one guess at a time. If your original guess is incorrect, then you must wait until I rule on your original guess (yes or no) to make a second guess. You cannot make more than one guess per post. Good luck.


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                          The only German woman thrower of that era, that i can think of, is Tilly Fleischer..


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                            Originally posted by 79 View Post
                            I've checked: it is impossible to find the meaning of Gisela if you don't know a part of the private life around his/her biography.
                            What is the part of Gisela's life that requires ising his/her? I can only find info on her high jumping teammate...


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                              Tilly Fleischer was born in Germany 111 years ago yesterday (Sunday). Good work, noone.

                              Tilly Fleischer was fourth place in the discus at the 1932 Los Angeles Olympic Games when she was 20 years old. Two days before the women's discus, Fleischer had already taken the bronze medal in the javelin and five days after the discus, she ran the third leg on the German four by 100 relay team that took sixth place in the relay final in Los Angeles.

                              Fleischer won the Olympic gold medal in the javelin in her home country at the 1936 Berlin Olympics.

                              One of her daughters (Gisela) was rumored to have been fathered by Adolph Hitler, but of course this was never confirmed by Fleischer.

                              It was Tilly Fleischer that Adolph Hitler had congratulated after her javelin victory in Berlin that made the IOC ask Hitler to either congratulate all gold medal winners or none of them. Hitler decided that he would congratulate none of them.

                              Tilly Fleischer was 93 when she died in Germany just 17 years ago.

                              Thank you, noone, bambam1729, 79, dukehjsteve, and DET59.