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Many Champions Idealize Key Olympic Games


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  • Many Champions Idealize Key Olympic Games

    Happy birthday today (Wednesday) to three Olympic champions that we will call "L", "B", and "J" and these three have a total of 214 years today since their births.

    None of our three birthday athletes competed in the Olympic hurdles and all three won Olympic medals in Europe.

    "B" and "J" won Olympic gold medals in the same event and "L" was 38 years old when "B" was born.

    "L" was born and died on a Sunday and "J" and "L" were born on the same continent.

    When "J" was born, "B" was four years old and "L" was already 42 years old when "J" was born.

    These three champions won a total of three Olympic gold medals and one of these three people turns 60 today.

    Our birthday individuals competed in a total of nine Olympic Games.

    Please try and name our birthday champions on this 40th Wednesday of 2022.

    Do remember that no research is allowed and lots of good luck is given.

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    L DOB = 1924; B DOB = 1962 (age 60 today); J DOB = 1966.


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      Did J win a gold medal in Barcelona 1992 ?
      If yes, I think about Dennis Mitchell who was born in 1966.
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        J Rorick has all the correct birth years for our birthday athletes.

        "J" did not win Olympic gold in Barcelona (1992). Dennis Mitchell is not one of our birthday people today.


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          I'm thinking Inessa Kravitz? (sp)


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            Happy 56th birthday today to Inessa Kravets. Very good, cigar95.

            Inessa Kravets (Athlete "J") was born in Ukraine on the first Wednesday of October in 1966. She was tenth place in the women's long jump at the 1988 Seoul Olympic Games. She took the long jump silver medal in Barcelona (1992) and then in Atlanta (1996), Kravets won the Olympic gold medal in the triple jump. She didn't make the long jump final in Georgia.

            Thank you, cigar95, J Rorick, and 79.


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              Was our L athlete from a cold northern European country like Finland or Sweden?
              They won many medals in 1948.
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                Yes, Athlete "L" was from a European country (sometimes cold), but not as far north as Finland or Sweden.


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                  Athlete "B" is Mike Conley.


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                    Happy 60th birthday today to Mike Conley. Very nice job, Davidokun.

                    Mike Conley was born in Chicago, Illinois, on this day in 1962. You probably remember when he won the Olympic silver medal in the triple jump at the 1984 Los Angeles Olympic Games. Some of you may remember who won the gold medal in the triple jump on his first jump of the final in the Coliseum (initials are A.J.).

                    Conley upgraded his silver medal to gold in Barcelona in 1992. He was out of the medals in Atlanta (1996), when he placed fourth in the triple jump final in Georgia.

                    Mike Conley won one gold, one silver, and two bronze medals at the World Championships. He also won two gold medals at the World Indoor Championships.

                    Thank you, Davidokun and 79.


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                      Olga Gyarmati?


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                        Olga Gyarmati was born in Hungary 98 years ago today. You are good, LopenUupunut.

                        Olga Gyarmati (Athlete "L") competed in three consecutive Olympics in the women's long jump, with a couple of other events "in the mix".

                        She tied for 17th place in the high jump at the 1948 London Olympic Games when she was 23 years old. She won the Olympic gold medal in the long jump (5.69 or 18' 8") in London.

                        At the 1952 Helsinki Olympic Games, Gyarmati did not make the final of the women's 200, placed tenth in the long jump, and did not make the final of the four by 100 relay.

                        Her last Olympics were the 1956 Melbourne Games where she was 11th place in the long jump.

                        Gyarmati moved from Hungary to the United States (Soviet Union take over of Hungary) and lived in Massachusetts for several years (as a recluse). She was 98 years old when she died in Massachusetts about 22 days after her 98th birthday.

                        Thank you, LopenUupunut, 79, and Davidokun.


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                          I remember Joyner winning the TJ in the Coliseum largely because my seats that day were in the "end zone", with the 100 guys (final that same day, as I recall) running straight at me and I had little idea who was in what position anyone was. Nor could I get much of a sense of how the jumpers were doing apart from post-jump reactions. Would have had a good view of any 400 starts, but I don't recall if there were any that day. I think they came later in the week.
                          It was also the day I sat right in front of Kenny Moore and thoroughly enjoyed listening to his commentary with his seatmate.)