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    Happy 64th birthday today to an Olympic champion who was born on a Monday, won the Olympic gold medal on a Monday, and competed at the same event at two consecutive Olympics (no hurdles).

    Our birthday champion is the only person from a certain country to win Olympic gold in a certain event

    In fact, four years after winning that Olympic gold medal, another athlete from the same country won the Olympic silver medal in this event.

    These two people (gold and silver medal winners) remain as the only Olympic medal winners in this event from a certain country.

    You might be interested to know that our birthday individual won the Olympic gold medal about 6,032 miles (9,709 kms) from the site of this athlete's birth.

    It's true that our birthday person won that Olympic gold medal on Cordner Nelson's 66th birthday (Cordner lived to be 91).

    The temperature in the Olympic stadium when our birthday athlete won that gold medal was 79 degrees F (26 degrees C).

    A fairly famous composer ("Fanfare For The Common Man") shares the same initials with our birthday person.

    Please give it a try and name our birthday champion without using any type of research.

    Good luck.

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    Was our olympic champion a European athlete in LA 1984?
    Carlos Lopes or Alessandro Andrei?


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      It must be a European who won in LA and failed to make the final in Seoul.

      Aaron Copland was a big help. I know who it is. A long distance guy with a trademark mustache, and a devastating finish.


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        Yes, gmak knew Aaron Copland and 79 got that our birthday person is from Europe and competed in Los Angeles in 1984.


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          Ah, I see! In Seoul the silver medallist was Salvatore Antibo in the 10000m event.
          I cannot remember the moustached Italian runner's name in LA 1984.


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            I'll score the empty-net goal and say Alberto Cova.


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              Alberto Cova was born in northern Italy 64 years ago today. Good job, noone (gooooooal!).

              Alberto Cova, known for his fast last laps, won the 10,000 at the 1984 Los Angeles Olympic Games. He ran the 10,000 four years later at the 1988 Seoul Olympics, but did not make it to the finals.

              Happy birthday today to Alberto Cova.

              Thank you, noone, 79, and gmak.
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                Cova won 10k at LA 84


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                  Thank you, Bruce Kritzler (and I was there).