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"Mysterious athlete" trivia (31)


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  • "Mysterious athlete" trivia (31)

    I remember there was a thread about this unusual race 20 years ago, on the current track events forum.
    It was a 60m.
    Who are they?
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    The only thing I can ID is "ZMA" which I believe was Conte's brand of magical powders ?


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      ZMA was and is legal. Zinc-Magnesium-Aspartate is what the letters stand for. I have taken it and it seemed to help with recovery. The guy with the ZMA shirt looks pretty jacked, like a Hulk body double! Balco was the name of Conte's company.


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        Originally posted by Peter Michaelson View Post
        ZMA was and is legal. Zinc-Magnesium-Aspartate is what the letters stand for. I have taken it and it seemed to help with recovery. The guy with the ZMA shirt looks pretty jacked, like a Hulk body double! Balco was the name of Conte's company.
        from WEBmd : "ZMA (zinc monomethionine aspartate, magnesium aspartate and vitamin B6) is a supplement marketed towards athletes, gymnasts, and bodybuilders. It was developed by Victor Conte (founder of BALCO Laboratories in Burlingame, California). No high-quality scientific study has found it to have any beneficial effects on muscle building or strength, and the International Society of Sports Nutrition and the Australian Institute of Sport regard it as having no clear benefits." (last three word very ironic)

        ZMA has an interesting history. Conte's Nutrition company SNAC appears to have patented the supplement in the late 90's, then promoted some studies that may not be so "scientific". The ZMA tank top looks like the SNAC/Balco logo on the products they sold as ZMA.

        Below is link to interesting article called, "The controversial history of ZMA" which is not in it's 5th rendition (and still sold by Conte).

        I imagine the picture is from the late 90's, early 2000's (20 years ago).. After 2002/3, I don't imagine too many people would show up on a track wearing any kind of gear associated with SNAC/Balco/ZMA/The Clear/or a Barry Bonds jersey.

        I know late in his career Linford Christie got pretty jacked like the runner on the right but too late/doesn't look like him..

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          To help, the athlete on the right side was a very known European sprinter.
          The one on the left was a famous bodybuilder.


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            right hand guy Dwain Chambers?


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              It does look like Dwain Chambers.


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                Very good answer Garry and DoubleRBar 🙂🏆👌🏻
                Our second mysterious athlete never had the chance to win the ultimate Mister Olympia trophy
                through his prestigious career.
                (2nd three times).
                Probably among the very best bodybuilers in history.


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                  I would say it is not Arnold Schwarzenegger.


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                    I'm surprised he's not been recognized.
                    A true legend in the pro bodybuilding universe.
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                      Kevin Levrone?


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                        Originally posted by Peter Michaelson View Post
                        Kevin Levrone?
                        You found, Peter, 🙂🥇👏🏻
                        Dwain Chambers won the race in December 2002 (easy 6"64).
                        You can watch it on youtube.
                        I'm sure Levrone's arms were bigger than Kim Collins' legs.
                        Since the post Lee Haney era in the mid 90s', hyper massive profiles like him have been dominating the podiums of Mister Olympia.
                        The last winner, Hadi Choopan, is Iranian.
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                          Quite an interesting story....also notice the mention of Conte. I wonder how much money was involved for Chambers? Obviously this was before Chambers got entangled in the BACLO mess and got his drug ban:

                          Kevin Levrone - fastest man alive?
                          Bigger Stronger Leaner

                          Dec 2002

                          PUT UP OR SHUT UP! 2002 LEVRONE ON TRACK TO RACE CHAMBERS! He asked for it. He got it. Months ago, Kevin Levrone claimed to be the fastest men alive and challenged world-class sprinters around the globe to take him on. Now, one has. In an event titled “Put Up or Shut Up,” Dwain Chambers, ranked as the second best sprinter in the entire world, will take on the Mr. Olympia runner-up on December 11 at Orange Coast College in Costa Mesa, California. This meet will pit the second best athletes in their respective sports in a mano-a-mano grudge match that will finally either confirm Levrone’s status as a world-class speedster or send him back to Baltimore as master of only one domain. The mercurial bodybuilder, who will compete next in the 2003 Arnold Schwarzenegger Classic on March 1, is confident he’ll blow some minds in Orange County on December 11.

                          The British-born Chambers won a gold medal in the 100 meters at the 2002 European Championship and is ranked second in the world behind Tim Montgomery and one spot ahead of third-ranked Maurice Greene. The race is being arranged with the invaluable help of Victor Conte of Balco Labs. Conte, the creator of the supplement ZMA, has organized the ZMA Track Club, a group of world-class track and field athletes that he advises on nutritional and training issues. Chambers is a member of the ZMA team. Also, Milos “The Mind” Sarcev, who a couple of years ago developed a weight training program for Montgomery, now the world’s fastest man, is currently performing the same services for Chambers at the invitation of Conte. Sarcev will also be present at the race.

                          (The above a 2002 "article" from


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                            OK, so who won the match race?


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                              Originally posted by lonewolf View Post
                              OK, so who won the match race?
                              Dwain Chambers in 6"64.
                              Kevin Levrone in around 7"00.