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  • Chi Cheng

    Does anyone remember much about CHi Cheng, the Female sprinter from China? Was she a good starter or was she a good 200 runner?
    Their always seemed to be an air of mystery about her.

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    Re: Chi Cheng

    Chi Cheng of Taiwan was the first Woman to run 100 yards in 10 seconds flat(the first Woman to run the 100yd dash in an 'even time') She accomplished this on June 13, 1970, in Portland, Oregon.

    She was also named 1969 and 1970 World Female Athlete(Track) by Women's Track and Field World. Chi Cheng has been instrumental in arranging for the 2008 Olympic Games to be held in China.

    She is very often referred to as the greatest Asian track and field athlete of the 20th Century.

    She won the Bronze medal in the Women's 80mh at the Mexico City 1968 Olympic Games.

    I'll find out what her PRs for the respective distances which she competed in.


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      Re: Chi Cheng

      and she is or was married to her coach Vince Reel, himself an ace hurdler back in the 40's ?


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        Re: Chi Cheng

        Strange, i was about to post a topic about her, as i need an information:
        She won the Pentathlon at the AAU Champs with 4823pts in 1968, and i need her results in each events. Can someone help?

        Also, does someone know if the complete carrer record for Chi Cheng have ever been published?

        The PBs i have for her:

        60y/ 6.5i (Toronto 05Feb70)
        100y/ 10.0 (Portland 13Jun70)
        100m/ 11.22 (Wien 18Jul70)
        200m/ 22.62 (München 12Jul70)
        220y/ 22.4 (Los Angeles 04Jul70)
        440y/ 52.5 (Orange 20Jun70)
        50mH/ 6.9i (Vancouver 21Feb70)
        60yH/ 7.6i (New York 70)
        80mH/ 10.51 (Mexico 18Oct68)
        100mH/ 12.93 (München 12Jul70)
        220yH/ 26.2 (Walnut 25May69)
        HJ/ 1m585 (Westminster 18May63)
        LJ/ 6m35 (Claremont 28Mar70), 6m42i (New York 70)
        SP/ ????

        6 5.5hjsteve:
        Vince Reel did a couple of years ago, and he contributes a lot for women's athletics as we know today, at a time when most media ignored them, Track & Field News included.
        Too much competitions surely caused her injury that kept her out for München'72 Games, where she could have been at least medalled at 100, 200 or 100mH.
        From what i heard she was a rockett starter, but her 400m time showed incredible perspective.


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          Re: Chi Cheng

          Was Cheng's 10.0y an auto-timed 10.10? (If so, it would be equal c.10.97 100m, seven years before the first sub-11)
          p.s. boy,was she cute,too. Enjoyed watching her.


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            Re: Chi Cheng

            Pierre-Jean wrote [Chi Cheng] "won the Pentathlon at the AAU Champs with 4823pts in 1968, and i need her results in each events. Can someone help?"
            80m hurdles 10.6 seconds
            4-kilo Shot 36 fet 6-1/2 inches
            High Jump 4 feet 10-1/4 inches
            Long Jump 20 feet 5-3/4 inches
            200m dash 23.7 seconds

            The published 1968 results did not show metric measurements for the field events.

            -- James Fields


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              Re: Chi Cheng

              >Pierre-Jean wrote [Chi Cheng] "won the
              >Pentathlon at the AAU Champs with 4823pts in
              >1968, and i need her results in each events. Can
              >someone help?"
              80m hurdles 10.6
              4-kilo Shot 36 fet 6-1/2 inches
              >Jump 4 feet 10-1/4 inches
              Long Jump 20
              >feet 5-3/4 inches
              200m dash 23.7

              The published 1968 results did not
              >show metric measurements for the field

              -- James Fields

              The approximate metric meausremnets for Chi's Shot Putt, High Jump & Long Jump would be:

              4kg SP: 11.54m
              HJ: 1.54m
              LJ: 6.41m


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                Re: Chi Cheng

                Chi Cheng's marriage to her coach was apparently a HUGE scandal in Nationalist China/Taiwan/ROC. It is fairly common in the Jackie and Bobby..
                How was Chi Cheng voted the Asian athlete of teh century? What about CK Yang, Hwang Young Cho, Kitei Song (Nipponified as I cannot recall his Korean name), one of "Ma's Army"


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                  Re: Chi Cheng

                  What a life! Coaching a superstar female sprinter; then marrying her.
                  Some guys have all the luck.


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                    Re: Chi Cheng

                    As were Bob Kersee, Wolfgang Meier, Vladimir Paraschuk...

                    Thanks for the informations about her 1968 Pentathlon. I've always thought she had a big potential in multi-event, even with weaknesses at HJ and SP, she had the same profile than Rosendahl.


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                      I was in Shanghai in September and on the TV was a movie about a girls track team, starring Chi Cheng. Of course it was all in Chinese, so I couldn't really follow it.
                      I was struck by Cheng's size and build in relation to the other girls in the movie. She was definitely larger and had a presence.


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                        did she not briefly hold the world record in the 200 m with her 22.4 time?


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                          Yes, she set the record in 1970 and it stood for 3 years.


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                            She also set the WR in the hurdles that same year.


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                              DOES anyone know if her 10.10y was FAT? (1970 AAU, Portland). If so, it certainly was ahead of its time, wr-wise. I'd guess it wasn't, as she had no 100m times of that quality. (But did have a low-altitude WR 11.22 , the following month)