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5 Greatest Moments in T & F History


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    Re: 5 Greatest Moments in T & F History

    Probably the 5 greatest moments for any of us are the 5 moments that were impressive performances that we personally witnessed.... the emotion of actually being there and seeing it happen in person makes the moment(s) "the greatest" in our memory.

    Here are mine: 1. Gerry Lindgren's shocking run away 10K victory over veteran Soviets in the USA Vs. USSR dual in L.A. Coliseum, 1964 (29:17.6). 2.Leamon King's swift 10.1 100m way back in fall of 1956 in Oly pre-meet @ Santa Ana College--beating Bobby Morrow et al. 3. My first sub 4 mile by Herb Elliott @ 3:57.8 also @ L.A. Coliseum, 1957. 4. Tom Courtney running WR 1:46.8 half mile in Coliseum, 1957. and finally 5. Bob Gutowsky narrowly missing a WR 15-9 after clearing 15-5 in UCLA dual with Occidental College, also 1957.

    It's obvious I grew up in Southern California where all these meets occured, but now have large family in Utah and unable to travel to top level meets....I would love to go to Europe just once for the Zurich type meets!