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  • Seconds, please

    A Thanksgiving Trivia Quiz. We're all impressed, of course, when a WR is set. Even more remarkable (and obviously rarer) are those races in which more than one athlete breaks (or matches) the previous WR. How many such races were there in the 1500 and mile in the last 50 years?

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    Re: Seconds, please

    Since I cannot find my 1995 edition of the IAAF 'Progression of
    World Bests,etc' and since the 2003 edition that I just ordered
    from Monte Carlo has not arrived...Oh, that is right we are not
    suppose to cheat. I better put syringe away, right now...

    Anyways, the answer is: 5!

    Bannister and Landy broke the mile
    record in that 1954 Empire Race.

    Bayi and Walker, twenty years
    later in the renamed Commonwealth Games 1500.

    Ovett, Wessinghage,
    and Huydek (or something like that for the third guy. I can't
    remember, oh no!) in 1980.

    Then there is 1985 Nice where Cram and
    Aouita broke the 1500 WR.

    And finally, El G and Lagat in the mile
    a couple of years ago.


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      Re: Seconds, please

      Banister (3:58.8) broke his own (3:59.4) WR in defeating Landy (3:59.6) in that 1954 race? Or had Landy already run his 3:57.9 (3:58.0 officially) WR?


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        Re: Seconds, please

        Larwood, you're doing well, but not quite there.

        There was no WR set in the '54 Vancouver race, so that's not on the list. You are correct, however, on the following:

        -2/2/74 Christchurch
        1. Bayi 3:32.2
        2. Walker 3:32.5

        -8/27/80 Koblenz
        1. Ovett 3:31.36
        2. Wessingage 3:31.58
        3. H. Hudak 3:31.96

        -7/16/85 Nice
        1. Cram 3:29.67
        2. Aouita 3:29.71 (what a barnburner!!)

        -7/7/99 Rome
        1. El G 3:43.14
        2. Ngeny 3:43.40

        So this is four of what I believe are actually seven races that fit my criteria.


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          Re: Seconds, please

          Here's an admittedly silly point, but strictly speaking, only one person can break the record in a race. As soon as he/she crosses the tape, there is a new record, and the second person has not run faster than the record.

          Sorry, couldn't resist.


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            Re: Seconds, please

            Salsola/Salonen in '57(3:40.2), Nielsen/Tabori 3:40.8/'55 Oslo, Merv Lincoln 3:55.9? to Elliott's 3:54.5,'58.


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              Re: Seconds, please

              Correct! The other three races were:

              -9/6/55 Oslo
              1. Tabori 3:40.8
              2. G. Nielson 3:40.8

              -7/11/57 Turku
              1. Olavi Salsola 3:40.2
              2. Olavi Salonen 3:40.2
              3. Olavi Vuorisalo 3:40.3

              -8/6/58 Dublin
              1. Elliott 3:54.5
              2. Lincoln 3:55.9

              To the respondent two above, that's why I specifically said "breaks or ties the previous record." Not much ambiguity there...


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                Re: Seconds, please

                Also, a few women's races, maybe more: 5 or 6 were under wr in '72 Olympic final. Wang 2nd in 3:51.92 in '93, and '85 Zurich mile - Puica & Budd under Decker's wr (though inferior to 1500 record)


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                  Re: Seconds, please

                  Interesting that this has only happened once in the men's 10,000 in the last 50 years:

                  -7/2/84: Stockholm
                  1.Mamede 27:13.81
                  2. Lopes 27:17.48