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Edwin Moses Won the 400 & 800 at the 1976 OG . . .


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  • Edwin Moses Won the 400 & 800 at the 1976 OG . . .

    . . . according to page 9 of the official adidas company history. Who knew??? ... tory-e.pdf

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    Well, since they think Edwin won the 400 and 800 in '76, do they also think Juantorena won the intermediates, then came back in '84 and won again ?


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      If Edwin can win the 800, so can Jeremy!!!!


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        The Adidas post also notes helpfully in the entry for the 1936 Olympics that Jesse Owens competed in twelve (12) events - Move over, Jim Thorpe - but they must be counting heats and prelims as well as finals....ya think?

        And for 1952, the claim is made that Zatopek won all three golds in Adidas shoes, although at least one source, Martin and Gynn, "The Olympic Marathon", p. 203, says that he bought a pair of Karhu (Finnish) just before the race and softened them up with cooking grease....Martin and Gynn's book has a number of inaccuracies, and the paragraph on Zatopek's shoes says that after the 5000 his shoes were worn out, thus requiring him to get the new Karhus, which indicates that the authors didn't understand that Zatopek's spikes (which may have been Adidas) wouldn't have been very useful for the marathon anyway. Strange. You'd think that the authors of a book on marathoning would know the basic difference, and the different types of shoes.