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British national records, 4x1500, 4xmile


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  • British national records, 4x1500, 4xmile

    Surfing the Web for some of the former WKU British Brigade, I was surprised to learn that the British NR for the 4xmile is only 16:17.4, set by a WKU quartet of Brits in 1975, probably at Drake:

    4 x 1 MILE RELAY
    16:17.4 Western Kentucky University (USA) 1 Des Moines IA, USA 25 Apr 1975
    (Erwin Hartel 4:07.5, Chris Ridler 4:03.7, Tony Staynings 4:05.5, Nick Rose 4:00.7)

    The 4x1500 NR is 14:56.8:

    14:56.8a British Milers Club 3 Bourges, FRA 23 Jun 1979
    (Alan Mottershead 3:45.0, Geoff Cooper 3:44.5, Steve Emson 3:42.7, Roy Wood 3:44.6)

    The same WKU quartet is sixth on the GB 4x1500 list:

    15:12.6 Bristol A.C. 1 Cwmbran 5 Aug 1975
    (Erwin Hartel 3:48.3, Chris Ridler 3:49.2, Tony Staynings 3:48.9, Nick Rose 3:46.2)

    I know these relays are rarely run, but think what an early '80s team of Cram, Coe, Ovett, and ? could have done.

    UK alltime lists website:

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    Coe, Cram, Elliott, and Ovett would have made a great 4 x 800 team.
    I am a little rusty on when their best years were, but I think they were all running in the early, mid-80s.

    McKean, Elliot, Cram, Coe would have been another good relay team a few years later.


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      Cram, Coe, Ovett and Elliott all made the '84 Olympic team. Cram and Ovett were preselected for the 1500m and Elliott beat Coe in what was supposed to be a run-off for the final place. However, Coe was given the place. That turned out well!

      Regarding the 4x1500m or mile, I have no doubt that this quartet would have put those records well beyond reach for a long time. Ireland still holds the 4xMile record from 1985, so I'm sure the above team could have run in the region of 15:30 (3:52.5 ave).

      The metric record is held by Germany at an average of 3:39.7 from 1977, so what could the English quartet have done?

      In 1982, Elliott, Gary Cook, Cram and Coe set a long-standing 4x8 record. Elliott only ran 1:49 on the lead off leg, and I'm sure a British quartet could have run sub 7 mins with Coe, Elliott, Cram and McKean in or around 1986.

      Kenya and USA both beat the record last year in Brussels.


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        Here's the 4x1500 WR and 4xmile world best:

        4 x 1500 14:38.8 West Germany Cologne, Germany 8/17/77
        (Thomas Wessinghage 3:38.8, Harald Hudak 3:40.2, Michael Lederer 3:42.6, Karl Fleschen 3:37.3)
        4 x Mile+ 15:49.08 Ireland Dublin, Ireland 8/17/85
        (Eamonn Coghlan 4:00.2, Marcus O'Sullivan 3:55.3, Frank O'Mara 3:56.6, Ray Flynn 3:56.98)


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          You mean Swag's name was Erwin? Interesting.

          Thanks for the info, Dr. Jay. By the way; how 'bout them Wildcats???


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            Oh yeah, and the Cards be Cincy.


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              Originally posted by Kevin Richardson
              You mean Swag's name was Erwin? Interesting.
              Yes. I actually worked with him a bit at an Athletic Attic in Louisville in high school. He's had his own running store, Swag's Sports Shoes, near Iroquois Park in Louisville, for quite a few years now. He's got a pretty gregarious personality so I bet his store has done quite well. Prior to coming to Western Kentucky, he was something like first or third all-time on the British 800 or 880 age 17 list or junior list or such, circa 1971. Maybe someone else knows the details.


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                I met him a couple of times. Once at a race in Lexington and the other time while making a pilgrimmage to his shop (from Berea). He was like the other WKU Brits I got to meet; outgoing, fun, and willing to chat with and cool down with anyone. If you ever see him, please tell him that his friendliness and good nature have left their mark on more folks than he may realize.