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Could _______________ have been a great decathlete?


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    Re: Could _______________ have been a great decathlete?

    Tommy Skipper- 10.5 100M, 215-220' JT, 570 PV. He won the Pac10 title this year with probably very little training. He has good size, speed, and can throw the javelin. I fear he will never do any serous decathlons because he is an elite level vaulter.


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      Re: Could _______________ have been a great decathlete?

      Jarmila Kratochvílová. I know, "she" is a "woman" so maybe the heptathlon, but the way she was built I bet she could give it a run in the deca! Besides holding the 800 record for over 20 years, she kicked butt in the 400, and goodness knows one look at her you could tell she had some upper body strength!


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        Re: Could _______________ have been a great decathlete?

        If you're looking at 400/800 types, how about Alberto Juantorena? Who knows what El Caballo could have done had he ever tried to do it? If you think that is far fetched, consider the fact that his son, Alberto Juantorena, Jr., has met the Olympic B standard this year and could compete in the decathlon in Athens.


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          Re: Could _______________ have been a great decathlete?

          >I remember reading that Roger Kingdom was going to try a
          >decathlon but his
          >inability to provide a decent effort at discus prevented him
          >from going
          >forward. Anyone remember this or is it complete fiction?

          >fiction...on the discus part. Roger Kingdom was a great discus thrower in high
          >school (I think he might even have been a state champion), which is why a lot
          >of people said he shoul've/could've been a great decathlete. He was big
          >(muscular) for a 110mHH'er, which is why he could've excelled in the throws and
          >p.vault, the events that would most likely hold back most pure sprinters.

          Roger was definitely a state champion in Georgia in the discus, as well as the high hurdles. I "think" he also won the high jump for a triple, but I have to access my buried track records (in storage). I want to say he threw the high school implement around 160 feet at the time...

          While mentioning possible others who would have been great at the decathalon I want to throw out Guy Drut's name. Although his smoking may have precluded him from doing a great 1500 meter...I think the one time he tried he didn't finish.


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            Re: Could _______________ have been a great decathlete?

            >David Thompson competed in the triple jump at N.C. State. I have tried to
            >confirm an ACC title in the event on his part.

            Bijan C. Bayne

            I thought I remembered him placing highly or winning the ACC triple jump also, but in his bio he just mentions his high school marks

            "My favorite track events were those in which I could utilize my superior jumping ability, including the high jump (my best effort was 6'3"), the broad jump (22'8"), and triple jump (45'6"). I was fast, too, so the mile relay was another preferred event."

            He does mention competing in track during 1972 season and needing to rest from both BB and T&F as reasons for not trying out for Olympic BB team...