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NJ High School 1973-77


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  • NJ High School 1973-77

    Looking for NJ HS track athletes. I competed for Madison Township (Madison Central). Also competed for Penn State and Arizona State ( have SP and DT records at ASU) Have enjoyed T&F news and was hoping to see if many NJ Track athletes actually read this board.

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    Re: NJ High School 1973-77

    Dear Gary,
    Happy holidays. I was before your time from
    Jersey City Lincoln Highschool 70 and Adelphi
    University 74. I'm a regular of this site on my
    lunch hour. There is a NJ site under the NJSIAA
    with great commentary from Ed Grant.
    Good luck


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      Re: NJ High School 1973-77

      I was at St. Joseph Regional (Class of 1971) and went to Penn to college. I remember trailing Keith in the 600 indoors at the J.C. Armory by quite a margin!

      My younger brother Joe was in the Class of 1976 at St. Joe's, and went on to become the cross-country co-captain at Delaware and now is head coach at East Stroudsburg University.


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        Re: NJ High School 1973-77

        Essex Catholic, class of 75, sprints, hurdles.
        Happy New Year!


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          Re: NJ High School 1973-77

          I remember you...I remember an anchor leg you ran at NJ relays in Elizabeth where you ate up to top quartermilers inn the state on an mile relay!


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            Re: NJ High School 1973-77

            Hey there, Gary....I'm pretty sure you remember me....Phil Hartung, Columbia HS 1979....the last time I saw you was at the NJ Relays in 1979 when you were running the shot (I set my PR there) it's been a short 24 years, how are ya ??


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              Re: NJ High School 1973-77

              I graduated from H.S. in Bergen County in '76 and I remember that as a great period of high school track in the county and the state.

              I wasn't as fast as any of the above responders but I went to a lot of meets and have long memories.

              I just want to pass along one memory of the 1976 All-Group track championships at Rutgers. The mile matched up Steve O'Connell of Millburn (4:09.2 in '76), Kevin Byrne of Paramus Catholic (4:08.0 indoors in '77) and Roger Jones (4:08.1 in '77 and Golden West winner). Rick Devine of Westwood took the pace out on cinders in 59 and 2:02. O'Connell had the lead at 3:06 and hung on for the win in 4:10. He promptly passed out and was carried off in an ambulance but was okay later. Byrne and Jones were gasping for air after the finish. I think it was one of the best mass finishes for the full mile (sub 4:15).

              There was also a great two mile won by Rob Amitrani of Cranford.

              Skeets Nehemiah won the high hurdles at the meet and I could see the talent he would show later in breaking the WR.

              I think the '76 meet was the last state meet held on dirt or cinders.

              Love to hear others' most memorable meets.


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                Re: NJ High School 1973-77

                All-time New Jersey Boys high school Mile list
                (c=1600 meter times converted to Mile using 1.00584 factor)

                #1 3:59.8 Marty Liquori, Essex Catholic, Newark, AAU Nationals (Bakersfield, CA),6/23/1967
                #2 4:06.6i Vince Cartier, Scotch Plains-Fanwood, Scotch Plains, Princeton indoor, 3/13/1972
                #3 4:07.07 Jim Nielsen, Bernards, Bernardsville, Internt’l Prep Invite (IL), 6/16/1984
                #4 4:08.0i Kevin Byrne, Catholic, Paramus, Millrose Games indoor, 1/8/1977
                #5 4:08.1 Roger Jones, Ramsey, Golden West (CA), 6/11/1977
                #6 4:08.1 John Carlotti, Bernards, Bernardsville, Golden West (CA), 6/11/1983
                #7 4:09.2 Steve O'Connell, Milburn, New York Relays, 1976
                #8 4:09.35 Steve Schadler, Bergenfield, Internt'l Prep Invite (IL) 2nd, 6/16/1984
                #9 4:09.80 Matt Mitchell, Christian Brothers, Lincroft, Golden West (CA) 2nd, 6/11/1988
                #10 4:09.98 Chris Lear, Pingry, Martinsville, Golden West (CA) 5th, 6/13/1992
                #11 4:10.1 Mike Keogh, Essex Catholic, Newark, Eastern States, 1970
                #12 4:10.2 Mike Elder, Haddon, Westmont, 1973
                #13 4:10.46 Steve Slattery, Mount Olive, Flanders, Golden West (CA) 2nd, 6/13/1998
                #14 4:10.65c John Richardson, Ocean City, State Group III meet 4:09.19 1600, 5/30/2003
                #15 4:10.81c Bob Keino, Ridgewood, Group IV meet 4:09.35 1600, 1994
                #16 4:10.9 J. J. Clark, Columbia, Maplewood, Internt’l Prep Invite (IL) 2nd, 6/19/1982
                #17 4:11.1 Charles Logan, Bernards, Bernardsville, 1979
                #18 4:11.15 Bryan Spoonire, Asbury Park, Golden West (CA) 2nd, 6/8/1991
                #19 4:11.2 Bob Amitrani, Cranford, Union County meet, 1976
                #20 4:11.24 Cliff Sheehan, Westfield, Internt’l Prep Invite (IL) 4th, 6/20/1981

                **Anyone know the missing meets, dates?

                All-time New Jersey Boys high school 2-Mile list
                (c=3200 meter times converted to 2-Mile using 1.00584 factor)

                #1 8:52.2 Charles Logan, Bernards, Bernardsville, Golden West 2nd, 6/16/79
                #2 8:54.0 Mike Keogh, Essex Catholic, Newark, Golden West win, 6/20/70
                #3 8:58.43 Justin Scheid, Sparta, adidas Outdoor Champs (NC) 3rd, 6/13/03
                #4 8:58.54c Murad Campbell, Overbrook, Pine Hill, Golden West 2nd 8:55.43 3200, 6/12/99
                #5 8:59.7i Kevin Byrne, Paramus Catholic, NJ Catholic Track Conf win, in 1977
                #6 9:01.4 Bob Amitrani, Cranford, in 1976
                #7 9:02.2 Tim Conheeney, Paramus Catholic, Bergen Meet of Champs 1st, in 1973
                #8 9:02.8 Mike Butnyes, Sterling, Somerdale, All-American (LA) 4th, 6/10/72
                #9 9:03.01c Jason DiJoseph (soph.), Paul VI, Haddonfield, in 1987

                Anyone know the meet/place/date for Amitrani or DiJoseph?


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                  Re: NJ High School 1973-77

                  Gary, Paul Ferency here, whats up email me so we can catch [email protected]


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                    Re: NJ High School 1973-77

                    The Bergen COunty Meet of Championships in 1973 that Tim Conheeny ran the 9:02.2 brings back memories. For a couple of weeks, everybody talked about the big showdown in the 2 Mile among Tim, George MacKay, and Bucky Miller. But the Mile ended up being the sleeper event with six runners under 4:20! In those days scoring was 5 deep and sixth place (4:19.8) did not even get a medal or in the summaries but the sixth place kid (from Bergen Catholic, I believe) did get an article written about him in the Record.


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                      Re: NJ High School 1973-77

                      I think 6th in that mile race was either Bill Duffy of Bergen Catholic or Rich Stuckey of Teaneck.

                      Conheeney also anchored PC to the Penn DMR that year. PC also missed Essex Catholic's 4 x 1 mile record by just 0.4 seconds. Conheeney ran his 9:02.2 at Golden West. He did 9:04 at Bergen MC.

                      Two years ago, I watched the indoor USATF meet at the Armory with Ron Spiers of Paramus who went on to run 3:56 in the mile. Were there any other sub 4:00 milers who grew up in Bergen?


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                        Re: NJ High School 1973-77

                        >> Were there any other sub 4:00 milers who grew up in Bergen?>>

                        Maybe Knut and Arne Kvalheim? :-)


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                          Re: NJ High School 1973-77

                          As I said in my earlier post, Amitrani ran 9:01.4 at the 1976 NJ All-Group meet at Rutgers. DiJoseph ran 8:59 for 3200 at the same meet, which was held at South Plainfield. I remember both races clearly because I was there in the stands.


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                            Re: NJ High School 1973-77

                            Getting back to the BMOC in 1973, I am pretty sure Duffy of BC was the runner in 6th place. I think McDermott of PC won in about 4:15 just ahead of Kevin Walsh of St. Joe's. Stukey finished somewhere between them and Duffy.


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                              Re: NJ High School 1973-77

                              Paul...Bet you are still doing the Scottish games.. Hey email me your #.