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  • Carlos Rewrites History

    Most controversial, Carlos says that he allowed Smith to beat him in the 200. "I let him win for the simple reason that Tommie Smith would have never put his fist in the sky had I won that race," he says. "I slowed down - just look at the tape. When I came off the turn, I pulled back. I turned around to Tommie to tell him, 'C'mon and race if you want this medal.' "
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    Yeah, I read that in SI. That sounds like nonsense. Who would do that in the Olympics?
    You there, on the motorbike! Sell me one of your melons!


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      Someone should ask Carlos why he let Peter Norman beat him.


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        If I'm Tommie Smith, I'm pissed off that you just diminished my accomplishment like that.


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          I just saw the HBO documentary about this event this past week. Nothing in there, either when the documentary was filmed in 1999, or in the contemporary statements reflected anything like this. I have no idea why Carlos would bring this up, after all this time, unless he is seeking attention.

          What gives?


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            I have never bought into the idea that Smith was really all that into the whole thing. I grew up about 40 miles from Lemoore, This area of Cali is not Mobile Alabama. In his book "Blackthink" Jesse Owens talks about Smith being more a victim of s situation with a mliltant/radical wife, Edwards and a loud mouth in Carlos.

            I work with a guy named Willie Neal (uncle of NFL stud fullback Lorenzo Neal) who ran track with Smith at Lemoore High back in the day, he talks about that not being the Tommie he knew.

            While I don't believe Carlos let Smith win I do believe he wasn't that confident in Smith, he too thinking he wasn't all that sold on the idea.

            I know, I know Tommie says he was this and that, what else can the man do at this stage of the game? He has to ride that horse, so he does!


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              Four years of college changes a lot people, especially back in the 60's. So it's not far-fetched to me that Smith could have become more politically active after he left high school. Furthermore, Carlos has never disputed the fact that Smith provided the gloves, so Smith must have had something on his mind to even get the gloves in the first place. It certainly wasn't to protect his hands from the frigid air of Mexico City. Finally, it's an insult for Carlos to say that he let Smith win. That comment causes me to lose a little respect for him.