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Glenn McFadden?


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  • Glenn McFadden?

    any particular reason he dropped off the map? Just another case of peaking in high school and never living up to his promise?

    I remember following Dyestat religiously the year he and BChristian were seniors.. (i lived nearby and went to some of his meets) - they both broke the indoor 200 record the same race (21.02/21.05) and he clocked 20.79 outdoors as well.. I think..

    From what i can find of his Mississippi State career, he never bettered his high school PRs(?)..

    Also was sad to see Shelldon Simpson never break through either, after a 6.23 55m around the same time..

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    Not living up to potential

    I have been following the sport since the 1960s. If you look at the high school All American lists, you will discover that at least half of the kids are not factors four years later. This has always been the case. It is very difficult to continue in the sport for many reasons. First college is much more demanding than high school. When the bell rings at the end of the last period of the high school day it is quite easy to bop down to the locker room and take a few steps to the track. In college most of your friends aren't on the team and the facility might be a long way off. Also academics in college are much more difficult. Some kids can't cut it, or do not want to put in the effort to cut it. There are other factors of a social and an economic nature that might interfere. Then there is the fact that it is very difficult to improve when one reaches the elite stage. Discouragement may derail one. Also there is the injury issue. Some people start breaking down when the intensity of the work gets difficult. Then there is the love of the sport. Some switch their priorities. Some cannot or choose not to organize their life around a sport. Then there is the fact of football. Some high school track stars focus on football in college. So as you can see there are many reasons why many fall off the radar.


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      thanks, and i'm aware of these factors -- usually people on the forum are so in-tune they can tell you specifically what happened with athletes especially the most elite ones.. knowing their coaches or something inparticular about the situation..

      i was just wondering if anybody had the inside scoop on mcfadden inparticular