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Louise Tricard has died


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  • Louise Tricard has died

    This is very painful to report. One of my biggest track friends and heroes has passed away.

    Confirmation came this morning:

    Just happened to find your site when I was looking for some information on a former athlete of ours. I have the unfortunate news to report that Louise Mead Tricard passed away last night. I do not have any details on the funeral just yet, but thought I would pass that information along as I saw a post about her being hospitalized back in April.


    Joseph DeBenedictis
    Sports Information Director
    Hunter College
    Office: 212-772-4631
    Cell: 201-532-0741
    Fax: 212-772-4936
    Email 1: [email protected]
    Email 2: [email protected]
    The original thread on her illness is here: ... 9cf2e88083

    I wrote about Louise here:

    Her NFS campaign:

    Louise was a short lady but bigger than life. She literally wrote the book (two of them) on the history of women's track and field in America. And she led the successful fight against then no-false-start rule a decade ago.

    And she was one of the first mass posters on the Net, omnipresent on the AOL track and field board and also this one and others.

    I will miss her terribly. :cry: :cry: :cry:

    K E N
    K E N

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    A sad loss indeed. She was very, very passionate about our sport, and contributed a lot to it.



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      Sad indeed. Her love for the sport was clear and inspiring. My sincere condolences to her family.


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        I am so sorry to hear this news. Louise will be missed.


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          Very sad, we all appreciated her contributions. Our hearts go out to her family and loved ones.
          ... nothing really ever changes my friend, new lines for old, new lines for old.


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            Louise had such a worldwide influence and circle of friends, athletes, officials, and she also left her mark in the Dutchess County area of New York State- John Jay HS, the original Vassar College track facility, the organizing of the very first Empire State Games in 1978.....

            A great leader and pioneer for womens track and field and excellence in the sport by all athletes. A down to earth friendly welcoming individual who traveled to Olympics and Millrose Games (as part of the "3 Louises") as well as local events.

            I am sorry you are gone, Louise.

            Peter Van Aken
            Poughkeepsie, NY


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              What a great pioneer for women's T&F and a great fan.


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                Bob Fine writes from Florida:

                There are no funeral arrangements. She is being cremated and her ashes deposited with that of her husband's, who died two months ago. There is no ceremony and she had no family.

                There is a meeting of the Florida Association's Executive Committee this Sunday. At that time we may discus a memorial fund.

                She was a dear friend of long standing. The last two years were spent in and out of hospitals, with numerous operations.
                K E N


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                  Originally posted by paulthefan
                  Very sad, we all appreciated her contributions. Our hearts go out to her family and loved ones.

                  Appreciated her posts. Am glad she is now at peace and pain-free. Best to her family.


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                    Oh God, this is so sad. :cry:


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                      I didn't know Louise before coming to this board but she became one of those people I look at with awe and find so inspirational.

                      She will be truly missed and her contibtution to the women's side of track and field will always be appreciated.


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                        Solely responsible for the girls t&f program in NY state & the inclusion of the race walk for boys & girls until she retired and the brainiacs on the boys side removed the event.

                        I'll miss her, she was a true friend.


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                          Originally posted by TrackCEO
                          Bob Fine writes from Florida:

                          her ashes deposited with that of her husband's, who died two months ago
                          Battling cancer and losing her husband!!! She obviously touched many lives and was clearly a tough cookie. Still remember her defending X-man here. Good for her that she did and said what she felt was right. I hope her name lives on in track and field circles at least.


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                            A grand gal. Go in peace, Louise.


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                              Louise was also the long-time chair of the USATF Library Committee, responsible for overseeing the library, which, for many years, was housed at Butler University in Indianapolis, and is now housed in Los Angeles as part of the Amateur Athletic Foundation's National Track & Field Research Collection.

                              While the committee has a number of dedicated members, the sum total of their work was less than what Louise took on. In addition to the committee's operational functions, she oversaw the review process and annual awarding of the J. Kenneth Doherty Research Fellowship.

                              Louise was a good and dear friend to the sport and its past, and to a large number of people. Her spirit and enthusiasm were infectious, and she will be missed greatly.